‘Looks like a house on Sesame Street’: Central Floridians react to creative paint job on Florida home

Neighbors upset over Florida man’s paint job on $528K home

It’s got neighbors seeing red. And yellow. And splashes of green, purple and blue, too.

The management company for the neighborhood said the costs to repaint the home could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to media reports.

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OPEN CANVAS-- Would you want to live next to this Naples house? Is this even legal? Alex Howard has the story tonight on NBC2 News

Posted by NBC2 News on Friday, January 24, 2020

Here’s a taste of the colorful reactions received on social media:


“Actually I like most of it. I think given the chance it will grow on most of the people.” – Audreylynette Wood


“I think they need a second bid to repaint the house. I’d be happy to give them a quote. I’m pretty sure I can get closer to $80-90k for me.” – Chris Bove


“It kinda looks cool, not my style but lots of artists types would love it and I think the repaint estimate is laughable. Even a child would come up with a more realistic estimate than that.” – Danny Worten


“Looks like a house on Sesame Street!” – Frank Pimentel


“Wanted to make sure the pizza guy could find it.” – Deanna Burns