• Zimmerman trial witness testifies she heard gunshot while on phone with 911


    SANFORD, Fla. - Following testimony from one of the most important prosecution witnesses in George Zimmerman's murder trial, the prosecution continued to call witnesses in the case on Thursday.

    Rachel Jeantel testified Thursday for a second consecutive day about the last phone call she had with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in the moments before his deadly encounter with Zimmerman.

    Following Rachel Jeantel’s testimony, prosecutors called a T-Mobile manager to certify some text message evidence.

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    They then called to the stand Jenna Lauer, the first neighbor to call 911 the night Martin was killed.  Her call also recorded someone yelling for help and a gunshot.

    Lauer talked about how traumatic that night was and how she and her husband were in the process of trying to help the screaming person when they heard the gunshot. 

    “Is it a male or female?” the dispatcher asked her the night she made the call.

    “It sounds like a male,” Lauer said.

    “And you don't know why?" asked the dispatcher.

    “I don't know why. I think they're yelling, ‘Help,’ but I don't know. Send someone quick,” said Lauer.

    Lauer told the state that once police got there, the person with the gun, whom she later found out was Zimmerman, seemed emotionally flat.

    "He said very matter-of-factly that he had the gun or told police to take the gun," said Lauer.

    But later, Lauer told the defense she did not interpret that as meaning that Zimmerman did not care. She said she believed he was letting police know.

    Zimmerman told police that Martin told him he was going to die that night and that he was the one yelling for someone to call the police.

    "Never heard anybody say, 'You're going to die, mother (expletive)?'" asked the prosecutor.

    “No,” said Lauer.

    “Have you heard anyone say to call the police?” asked the prosecutor.

    “No,” she said.

    Lauer also testified when the defense cross-examined her that she also never heard Martin ask Zimmerman why he was following him and never heard Zimmerman reply in any way.

    Before court recessed for the day, defense attorney Mark O'Mara asked another former neighbor to recreate for jurors how she reacted when she heard what turned out to be a gunshot and ran out of her town-house to see what was going on.

    The request had Selma Mora in the unusual position of standing up from the witness stand and pretending to be in her kitchen in front of the judge's bench.

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