Puerto Rico governor resigns, names successor

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said Friday that he was resigning as promised and swearing in veteran politician Pedro Pierluisi as his replacement, a move certain to throw the U.S. territory into a period of political chaos that will be fought out in court.

  Puerto Ricans anxious for new leader amid political crisis

The unprecedented resignation of Puerto Rico's governor after days of massive island-wide protests has thrown the U.S. territory into a full-blown political crisis.

Woman set to replace Puerto Rico's governor doesn't want job

The woman who is supposed to replace Puerto Rico's embattled governor announced Sunday that she doesn't want the job as the U.S. territory reels from political crisis.

  Embattled Puerto Rico governor resigns; protests turn into celebrations in San Juan

Embattled Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced Wednesday evening he would resign August 2 via Facebook amid mounting pressure from protests. 

  Demonstrators protest Puerto Rico governor at Lake Eola

A demonstration against Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló was held Monday evening at Lake Eola Park.

  Could Puerto Rico become a state?

For the first time in U.S. history, a bill is being considered in Congress that would make Puerto Rico a state.

  Study: Maria had worse effect on mental health of Puerto Ricans who moved to Orlando

Hurricane Maria had a stronger effect on the mental health of Puerto Ricans who moved to Central Florida than those who relocated to South Florida or who remained on the island, according to a new study published by the University of Miami and Boston University.

  Evacuees tell stories of hard work, perseverance 1 year after Hurricane Maria

One year ago, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, leaving devastation and chaos on the island.

  A pet crisis in Puerto Rico one year after Hurricane Maria: How to help

It's been almost one year after Hurricane Maria, and many animals in Puerto Rico still need help.

  Hurricane Maria victims still in need of shelter as FEMA help ends

Nearly a year out from Hurricane Maria, Friday was the very last day for FEMA to pay the bill for the hotel rooms housing evacuees.

  150 face homelessness almost 1 year after leaving Puerto Rico; here's how to help

About 45 families who relocated to Central Florida after Hurricane Maria ravaged the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico could become homeless Friday.

  Elections supervisors scramble to get Spanish-language ballots by Election Day

Some Central Florida elections supervisors say they're scrambling to comply with a new court order in time for the November election.

Report: Nearly 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico linked to Maria

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - An estimated 2,975 people died in the six months after Hurricane Maria as a result of the storm, with the elderly and impoverished most affected, according to a long-awaited independent study ordered by the U.S. territory's government that was released Tuesday.

  Hurricane Maria killed 1,400, not 67, Puerto Rico concedes

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - Puerto Rico has conceded that Hurricane Maria killed more than 1,400 people on the island last year and not just the 64 in the official death toll.

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