• Use these five Clermont Toyota tips to keep your auto service bills low


    *This is a sponsored article by Toyota of Orlando*

    Are you unknowingly jacking up your auto service bills? Believe it or not, it’s possible – some drivers just don’t understand or know about all the responsibilities that come with owning a car, and they makes mistakes that can up car care costs quite a bit over time. Toyota of Clermont is here to help! We have tips to help you avoid raising the costs of your routine auto service (and they’ll also keep your car in great shape, too!). Let’s get started!

    Alter your driving habits to lower your auto service bills

    Tip #1: Think about your driving habits. Are you a lead foot who hits the gas and brakes pretty hard? Do you take sharp turns at higher speeds than you should? All of these bad driving habits can take a toll on your car, wearing out parts faster and causing issues that call for more frequent (and more expensive) Orlando auto service. Use gentle, fluid movements to maneuver your car and ease on and off the gas and brake and you’ll see your bills drop.

    Tip #2: Keep things cool under the hood. It’s essential to stay on top of Orlando oil changes and also car fluid service. After all, oil and coolant keep things cool under the hood, which is imperative because of the hot weather we face here in central Florida. Make sure you stick to a schedule to all of your car fluids and your oil. Our Orlando Toyota service techs can get you on the calendar and send you reminders when you’re due, and you also might want to check your oil in between appointments. 

    Tip #3: Watch your windshield wiper blades. Windshield wiper blades do wear out, and if you don’t replace them as needed, you can scratch your windshield and also impair your vision (which could lead to an accident). Our parts store sells affordable windshield wipers whether you want to have our techs install them or do it yourself.

    Toyota of Clermont can help you track your tires

    Tip #4: Keep track of your tires. Keeping track of the condition of your tires is essential to taking good care of your car and keeping auto service bills low. Watch out for bulges, bubbles, sidewall separation, and any other damage. You should also keep the PSI at the recommended level (you can find this in your owner’s manual), and get routine rotations and balances to extend the life of your tires and not have to replace them as frequently.

    Tip #5: Don’t avoid the check engine light. If you see it light up in your dash, it’s tempting to ignore it because you’re afraid it’s going to mean costly auto service bills. Your first step should be to check your gas cap; if it’s not screwed in properly, it can trigger the check engine light. If the light doesn’t turn off, bring your car into Toyota of Clermont. Nipping the issue in the bud now can save you a lot of money later!

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