• Toyota of Clermont wants to help you keep an auto service schedule this year


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    Time gets away from us all. Life gets busy, and the seemingly less-important items on your to-do list may be forgotten altogether! However, if you want a car that performs well, has a long life, and doesn’t require a lot of costly auto repairs, it’s essential that you stick to a routine auto service schedule, no matter how far down it is in your to-do list! Toyota of Clermont is here to help – they can keep you on track, send you reminders, and provide you with affordable auto service seven days a week!

    Which auto services should you be scheduling for the year?

    So, what routine auto service should you be penciling into your calendar for the new year? There are four basic elements that you want to stay on top of at our Clermont Toyota service center, and here they are:

    Brake service, because stopping power is important! When you put your foot on the brakes, you expect to be able to come to a complete stop quickly and safely. Routine brake service at Toyota of Clermont can make this happen! Our techs will inspect your brake system and make adjustments as needed, like replacing brake pads or replenishing brake fluid.

    Oil changes, to keep your engine lubricated and regulated. A full tank of clean oil will ensure your engine stays nice and cool no matter the drive time conditions you’re facing. You’ll need this auto service on a regular basis in order to prevent major engine issues, so be sure to let us put it on your calendar. Our auto service center also offers great deals on this routine maintenance!

    Battery checks, to ensure your battery is in top shape and operating as needed. They’ll inspect the condition of it to look for any bulges, swelling, rust, or other problems, as well as test the voltage to make sure it’s not going to die on you anytime soon. We also offer affordable car battery replacements when you’re due for a new one!

    Tire service, to keep your tires in excellent condition. After all, they’re an essential aspect of your drive time! Our Clermont Toyota service techs will check your tires’ condition and inflation, as well as rotate them to distribute the wear evenly. This will help guard against blowouts and also extend the life of your tires so you don’t have to replace them as often… as well as improve performance!

    Let Toyota of Clermont keep track of your car’s needs

    Not only can our Toyota service techs get you on a routine car maintenance schedule, they’ll also keep track of your car’s overall condition by conducting a multi-point inspection – for free – every time you visit us. Why not get your first appointment scheduled today?

    Toyota of Clermont is ready and waiting for your call – you can reach us seven days a week at (866) 454-1614. Don’t forget to ask about our car service coupons to save even bigger bucks!

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