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    Are you in the market for an Orlando used car for the first time? A lot of drivers say that the process of buying a car can be nerve-wracking, and they’re not completely wrong. If you don’t take the time to prep ahead of time and walk in without any idea as to what you want, it can be pretty stressful! That’s why Toyota of Clermont has taken the time to not only compile a used car shopping checklist, but also give you some tips on common car buying mistakes that first-timers make. Read on!

    Learn which mistakes to avoid when shopping Orlando used cars

    When you’re out car shopping, you want to ensure you get the right ride at the right price. We can help – here are some of the most common first-time car buying mistakes that we see people make, and how to remedy them.

    Mistake #1: Not doing any research ahead of time. How can you possibly know what you need out of a ride if you don’t make lists beforehand? It doesn’t have to be a ton of work – just make a list of the characteristics your Orlando used car HAS to have, followed by a list of “would be nice” features that aren’t deal-breakers. Then do a little research to see which makes and models best meet the bill. You should also look into recalls to make sure your choices haven’t had a lot of problems in the past. Don’t forget to include your budget in your list, too!

    Mistake #2: Buying too much car. Sure, a huge SUV or an affordable used luxury car might seem like a great idea at the time, but how will the costs stack up after you purchase? Keep in mind things like fuel costs and insurance, as well as maintenance and repairs (they tend to be a bit higher when you’re driving a luxury vehicle). Remember, the expenses don’t stop after you sign the dotted line!

    Mistake #3: Skipping the test drive. This is a big no-no when it comes to car buying, especially with Orlando used vehicles. This is your shot to get into the driver’s seat and see if you’re comfortable there, as well as get the vehicle out on the road and see how it handles in action. You should see how it accelerates, brakes, turns, reverses, and parks, in addition to trying out all the knobs and buttons to ensure they do what they’re supposed to do!

    Car buying is easy with Toyota of Clermont’s tips

    Here are a few more tips you might want to consider before you hit the lot:

    • Line up your budget before you start the car buying process, and factor in both price and monthly payment
    • Decide how much mileage you’re comfortable with
    • Be sure to ask for a vehicle history report for the car you’ve settled on to look for past accidents and collisions

    Ready to start shopping? Come on down to Toyota of Clermont to get the process rolling. We’re open seven days a week at 16851 State Road 50, just off the Florida Turnpike!

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    Don't make common car buying mistakes