• Buying vs Leasing: which is a better option for your new Toyota in Orlando?


    Are you thinking about coming down to visit us at Toyota of Orlando to get behind the wheel of a new Toyota? If you are, then you’ve got quite a few choices ahead of you! You’ll have to decide on the model, first of all. Should you drive a heavy-duty truck or a family-friendly SUV? Is a stylish sedan up your alley, or do you want a fuel-efficient hybrid? 

    From there, you’ll have to choose your trim-level, accessories, packages, paint colors… the list goes on and on, and our Toyota dealership in Central Florida knows how tricky it can be to not get overwhelmed by all of the choices. One of the biggest ones you’ll face has to do with finances – should you buy or lease your new Toyota in Orlando

    Both situations are very different, so it depends on what type of driving experience you’re looking for. However, we’ve broken it down for you to make it a little bit easier to digest. Whether you want to buy or you’re looking for an affordable car lease or just can’t decide, we can help! 


    Benefits of buying a new Toyota in Orlando

    If you want to buy, here are a few things to consider: 

    • Your new Toyota is yours. That means you can alter it, add accessories, and customize it to your personal tastes. You can’t do that with a car lease. 
    • You’re socking away equity to put towards your next car when you purchase – you can either privately sell or trade in your current model when you’re ready for a new ride. 
    • You can drive cross-country and back if you want without having to worry about mileage overages, which is something you have to consider with a lease. Bascially, you can take your new Toyota wherever you please and not have to worry about it. 


    Benefits of car leases in Orlando

    If you’re leaning towards leasing, these pros might help make up your mind! 

    • You can swap out cars more often and regularly – as soon as your lease as up and you’ve settled up with the dealership, choose a new Toyota in Orlando to captain! 
    • Car leases often come with free routine maintenance and repairs for the duration of the lease, as well as phenomenal warranties that give you extra peace of mind. 
    • Car leases also often include lower down payments, lower finance rates, and lower monthly payments; this is because you’re not paying to own the car, but paying for the depreciation. This means you might be able to lease a more expensive car than you could afford to purchase and take things to the next level! 

    Still not sure whether you should buy or sign a car lease? Let us help! Come down and chat with our sales and finance specialists – they’re here every night until 10pm. Or, give us a call at (888) 725-3520! Don’t forget to ask about our new Toyota specials

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