• Get the info you need on Clermont car maintenance for fall!


    Fall is headed our way, Central Florida! We may not be feeling it just yet, but cooler temperatures should be moving in and if you’re headed anywhere north of the state, you’ll definitely experience fall weather in a few short weeks! We want to get you AND your new Toyota near Orlando ready for the changing seasons, so we’ve got Toyota car maintenance tips to get you into shape for the cooler temps and falling leaves! 

    Orlando car maintenance can help you prep for cooler weather!

    Car maintenance for your new Toyota near Orlando doesn’t have to be a pain, and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time or money. We can get you ready for the upcoming season in no time at all, and our Toyota Service Coupons can make it more affordable than ever! Let’s get started! 

    Tires: You definitely want to get the tires on your new Toyota checked out before you hit the road. Fallen leaves can make things slippery and cause you to lose traction, so you want to ensure that your tires are in the best condition yet. Get your new Toyota tires inflated so they’re at the proper PSI, and make sure that they’re rotated, balanced, and have enough tread on them to give you the traction you need. Don’t forget, fall also means more rain! 

    Wipers: Speaking of rain, you should also ensure your windshield wipers are in great shape – you need to ensure that your new Toyota near Orlando has all the visibility it can get when the weather turns wet. If your wipers are sort of just smearing water around on your windshield instead of whisking it off, then you need a new set. The Toyota of Clermont Service Center can help you find the right ones AND install them for you! 


    Let us prep your new Toyota today! 

    Headlights: You’ll also need to make sure that your new Toyota has headlights that are in good working condition. Visibility can be limited by rain, fog, and shorter days, so make sure your headlights are shining bright and clear both to give you better visibility and also to ensure it’s easy for other drivers to see you! 

    Defroster/Heater: You should also check on the defroster in your new Toyota near Orlando. This will come in handy should the temperatures dip a little bit – it can clear up your windshield and back window quickly so you can see better when you’re hitting the road. Make sure it’s in good condition and if you’re heading up north anytime soon, have our Clermont Toyota Service techs also check your heater for you so you stay nice and toasty in the car! 

    Want more tips or need to schedule an appointment to prep your Toyota for fall? Call us at (866) 464-1614 to make it happen – we’re just west of the Florida Turnpike at 16851 State Road 50, and we’re open seven days a week! See you soon!

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