• Fall back on safety for Daylight Saving Time


    *This is a sponsored article by Toyota of Clermont*

    Have you noticed that the sun goes down a lot sooner at night? Before you even sit down at the dinner table, the sun has set and the street lights have turned on. Adjusting to the new hours of sunlight can take some time, especially on the road. If you’re unaccustomed to commuting during sunset or at night, it’s important that you and your car are ready for the change!

    Toyota Service for the end of Daylight Saving Time

    The change can be a difficult adjustment, but if your car is prepped for driving at night it’s easier! At our Toyota Service Center near Orlando, we can get your car ready for maximum visibility.

    • Headlight restoration. Get rid of foggy or yellowed headlights with cheap headlight restoration.
    • Headlight and taillight repairs. Replace broken plastic covers or busted lightbulbs.
    • Fuse and bulb replacements. Have blown fuses and burned out bulbs replaced.

    Here in Central Florida, there’s almost always a chance of rain. In addition to getting your lights bright and shiny again, make sure you have quality windshield wiper blades. If your blades are skipping, screeching, or squealing across the glass – you’re in need of windshield wiper blade replacements.

    Fall back on safe driving for your Clermont Toyota

    Once your car is ready to take on early sunsets and dark evenings, Toyota of Clermont wants to make sure YOU are ready as a driver. Driving at night can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not accustomed to it. To help you feel comfortable behind the wheel of your Clermont Toyota at night, we’re sharing some safe driving tips!

    • Turn on your headlights! You just got them cleaned up, now it’s time to use them! Make sure you turn on your headlights at dusk so you can see the road and other drivers can see you.
    • Obey the speed limit, abide by road rules, and wear your seat belt.
    • Use defensive driving techniques. Keep a safe following distance between your Clermont Toyota and the cars in front of you.
    • Avoid distractions. Always have your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and your mind on driving. Put away anything that may distract you while driving.

    Keep pedestrian safety in mind! Maybe you’re not driving home, but walking or riding your bicycle. If this is the case, remember to stay safe while out on the street at night.

    • Make yourself visible. Wear reflective clothing, carry a flashlight, or attach lights to your bicycle. It’s crucial that motorists will be able to see you at night.
    • Stay on sidewalks. If you’re walking, keep to the sidewalks and avoid walking in the road.
    • Use crosswalks. Only cross the road when it is safe to do so. Use designated crosswalks, and only cross in well-lit areas.

    Safely adjust to the time change this year with help from Toyota of Clermont! For Toyota Service or for more information on safe driving, visit us at 16851 State Road 50. We’re located between the Florida Turnpike and Highway 27!

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