• Get Toyota of Clermont's best road trip tips for the holiday season


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    Who’s getting ready to hit the road for the holidays? It can be a lot of fun to take to the highway to visit family and friends and spread holiday cheer, but it’s not without its stressors, either. Heavy traffic and poor weather conditions can put a damper on things! That’s why we’ve shared some road trip tips straight from our Clermont Toyota staff to help ensure you have a stress-free drive time this holiday season!

    Use our road trip tips to stay merry and bright this year

    Here are our top five tips for keeping things easy this holiday season:

    Plan your trip before you leave. You never know if your original route will be blocked because of traffic or impassable because of bad winter weather. Our top Clermont Toyota road trip tip is to prepare ahead of time with an alternate route, and check traffic and weather before you leave the house. A lot of our new Toyota cars have technology that can help you do this from the driveway, like real-time traffic and weather, and navigation. Also, be patient- you might face delays, but rushing or engaging in road rage won’t help matters!

    Get ready for winter weather. Is your car ready to handle the winter weather you’re going to be facing? Be sure that you’re up to date on your routine auto service, and also that your car has been prepped for extreme temperatures, snow, and ice. Our Clermont Toyota techs also recommend that you brush up on your winter driving skills to refresh your memory, so you can avoid collisions more easily!

    Pack carefully, and prepare for anything. Pack your car carefully. You want to keep things you’ll need within arm’s reach (like snacks, medicine, phone chargers, etc.) but put heavy items on the bottom of the pile. If you’re stopping overnight, pack a bag with everyone’s necessities so you don’t have to haul a lot of luggage into your hotel. Another road trip tip? Make kits for your passengers that have snacks, games, books, and anything else that will keep them occupied – you can put them in pencil cases that zip up for organization’s sake! One final tip – always keep an emergency roadside kit and a first aid kit within reach in case of emergency.

    Keep your car clean. You’ll quickly see how fast a car can become messy and smelly when you have a full load and a long trip. Keep trash bags on hand and be sure to clean the car out at every rest stop; you can also put dryer sheets under the seats to keep things smelling fresh. Also, use organizers like cargo totes, cargo nets, and other tools to keep everything in its place and prevent losing anything vital. Our parts department can help you with this!

    Toyota of Clermont can prep your car for the road!

    Ready to get more Toyota of Clermont road trip tips, or want to schedule auto service before taking on winter weather? Call us today at (866) 454-1614 – we’re even open Christmas Eve!

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