• Incredible new safety technology coming to Toyota in Orlando


    At our family of dealerships, we always get excited when we hear about new technology coming to our vehicles. After all, Toyota is pretty innovative, especially when it comes to safety and eco-friendly technology. They definitely didn’t disappoint this time around! The automotive giant has taken time and precision to develop a new set of safety features that will make your drive time safer than ever – and put more autonomy into your driving experience! 

    New Toyota safety features will enhance your drive time

    When we say autonomy, we don’t mean that the car will drive itself (although we’re hoping for that some day in the future). It’s not in the cards just yet, but the new safety technology that we’re hoping to see soon in our Toyota in Orlando is definitely on that path. Let’s take a closer look!

    What is the Pre-Collision System in your Orlando Toyota?

    If you hop behind the wheel of our affordable Toyota in Orlando, you may see the Pre-Collision System safety technology. This innovative feature helps you to avoid accidents when you’re behind the wheel; here’s a little breakdown of how it works: 

    • The Pre-Collision System works on radar. It sends out signals so it can figure out exactly what’s in front of you, how fast it’s moving, how much distance is in between the two of you, and how you can maintain that distance to avoid hitting them. 
    • If the PCS senses that you’re about to get into an accident, it automatically helps you and your Toyota in Orlando prepare. It tightens the seatbelts in the front seat while simultaneously alerting Brake Assist (one of the six features in the Star Safety System). This delivers extra brake power to the brakes to help you come to a safe, complete stop more quickly. 

    As of late, the PCS in your Orlando Toyota can really only sense vehicles in front of you. The latest achievement under Toyota’s belt? Being able to add pedestrians to this equation! If a pedestrian should happen to step into the path of your new Toyota, your car will give you special audio and visual alerts to grab your attention. Worst case scenario, it will even steer around them if need be! 

    Toyota is also honing a new technology called cooperative-adaptive cruise control; it allows your Toyota to communicate with other cars on the road and let them know its whereabouts! This technology will help not only to prevent accidents and collisions, but also to reduce traffic and enhance overall efficiency out on the roads. We can’t wait to see if here in Central Florida! 

    You’ll find a ton of other safety features on our new Toyota options – why not check out the Star Safety System or see why so many people love the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control feature? They’re all at your fingertips at our Orlando Toyota dealership today! 

    Come down and see us – we’ve got two locations, with Toyota of Orlando just off I-4 at 3575 Vineland Road, near the Millenia Mall. You can also give them a ring at (888) 725-3520 to get the scoop on all of our incredible vehicles! Toyota of Clermont is located just west of the Florida Turnpike, and you can learn more about their amazing selection at (888) 590-6090! 

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