• Our family compares the new Nissan Altima to the Toyota Camry!


    Did you know that our family of dealerships has TWO locations in Central Florida? That means you’ve got double the choices to explore when you’re looking for a new Toyota in Orlando. Just trying to narrow them down can be overwhelming in itself! However, when you factor in other makes, your choices get even broader and some drivers find themselves wondering how they’ll ever be able to pare things down to just one or two models. We’re here to help! 

    How does the 2014 Toyota Camry surpass the Nissan Altima?

    Making an educated choice is very important when you’re plunking down a big chunk of change on a new ride, right? Well, our family is bringing you all the information you need! The 2014 Toyota Camry in Orlando is one of our best-selling cars – in fact, it’s one of the best-selling cars in the entire country. We figured we’d start out by comparing it to one of its main competitors, the new Nissan Altima. We’ll help you figure out which of these sedans is going to be the best choice for you! 

    • One of the major factors that new car buyers consider is value, and it’s an important one. Luckily for you, the new Toyota Camry in Orlando is renowned worldwide for its incredible value! Over 90% of all models sold in the past ten years are still out on the roads, and it’s received several awards for both resale value and retained value, beating out the new Nissan Altima at every turn. 
    • Warranties are also important to think about when you’re looking for a new ride! The 2014 Toyota Camry comes with a more comprehensive warranty than the Nissan Altima, offering features like one year of RoadSide Assistance and ToyotaCare (which is a two-year/24,000 miles no-cost maintenance plan to help keep your auto service budget in check). 


    Get more safety features, interior space, and peace of mind in this new Toyota sedan 

    • How about safety? You’re in good hands when it comes to the Orlando Toyota Camry. You’ll find standard features like daytime running lights, front knee airbags, and the Toyota Star Safety System on your side, and be able add on options like a Blind Spot Monitor for extra visibility. You’ll have to shell out a lot more for options like this in the Nissan Altima, if they’re even available! 
    • Style and comfort are also important qualities to take into consideration before signing the dotted line. You’ll find a much more stylish appearance on the Toyota Camry in Orlando, studded with features like SofTex Seats and leather-trimmed elements on the interior. These features aren’t up for grabs on the Nissan Altima! You’ll also get more passenger space AND cargo space in this new Toyota, including more head room, shoulder room, and hip room so you can get comfortable. 

    You can take our word for it or you can just come out and experience it for yourself! Take the 2014 Toyota Camry for a test drive today; you can get into the driver’s seat at Toyota of Orlando (888-725-3520) or Toyota of Clermont (888-590-6090) today. Visit our family of dealerships and let us help you find the perfect drive time solution! 

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