• Is a classic Toyota returning to the assembly line?


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    Sometimes even our favorite things can be pulled off the shelves or be canceled. It can be anything from a TV show to a favorite cookie flavor to even a favorite car model. One car model that a lot of people didn’t want to be pulled from production was the Toyota Celica. Unfortunately, this Toyota sports car ended its 35-year run after the release of its 2005 model.

    Well, our team at Toyota of Clermont might have some good news for fans of the Celica. Recently, Toyota filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This application was for the use of the name “Celica.” What could this mean for Toyota? We’re not exactly sure quite yet, but out Clermont staff has hopes that the Toyota sports car may be on its way back. We would love to see it come onto our lot as a new Toyota!

    In honor of Toyota showing interest once again in at least the Celica name, we’ve decided to remind you of why exactly this car has such a fan base.

    A fan-favorite Toyota sports car

    If you ask a Toyota enthusiast about the Celica, you might just see them crack a smile or get a twinkle in their eye. The Toyota Celica is a favorite among car fans. Why exactly was this Toyota sports car a favorite? We’re so glad that you asked.

    Rear-wheel drive – When the Toyota Celica was introduced in 1973, one of its main selling points was the fact it had rear-wheel drive. This feature lasted for many of the Celica’s generations.

    Performance features – Even back in the day, Toyota had reliable vehicles. Some key performance features of the Toyota Celica included incredible responsive steering, reliable brakes, and great suspension. Later in the Celica’s lifetime, a 1.8L four-cylinder engine made its debut and consumers from Clermont to Seattle fell in love with its initial output of 140 horsepower.

    Multiple body styles – When you look at the different versions of this Toyota sports car, you’ll see a variety of body styles. That’s because, at different points in time, the Celica was available as a coupe, hatchback, or convertible. That way, it could appeal to more than those looking for just a fast little car.

    Find the perfect used Toyota in Clermont

     While you may not be able to find a brand new Celica, there are plenty of new and sporty options available at Toyota of Clermont. We recommend the Toyota 86, a Toyota sports car that has all the thrills you could want for an affordable price!

    But, if your heart is set on the Celica, be sure to check out our website and location often. You never know when one might make its way to our Clermont used car lot. We’re conveniently located at 16851 State Road 50 in between the Florida Turnpike and Highway 27. You can call us at (888) 590-6090.