• Toyota of Clermont shares safe driving tips for fall


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    Are you ready for autumn adventures? Fall kicks off officially on September 22, so it’s time to start planning those fall foliage trips to get out of town, see some leafy color, and enjoy cooler weather (much cooler than here in Central Florida). However, fall means different driving conditions and we can’t stress enough how important it is to adjust your habits so you’re employing safe driving! Check out our Toyota of Clermont tips!

    Brush up on fall driving safety before hitting the highway

    Here are some of the safe driving elements you should consider before hitting the road:

    • Brush up on driving in the dark. Fall means that the days get shorter, especially after Daylight Savings Time ends. You’ll need to use defensive driving skills, make sure your headlights are in good condition (our Clermont Toyota service center can help), and take precautions for the dim lighting.
    • Take it slow and pay attention to driving conditions. There’s more precipitation in the fall (which means more rain and possibly frost or ice), as well as wet, dead leaves on the road. This translates to less traction! Bring your car to Toyota of Clermont to have your tires checked, but also adjust your driving habits accordingly. You should follow the speed limit, take turns slowly, and avoid stomping on the brakes to come to a stop. Try to drive as fluidly as possible! Also, watch the lane markers carefully – the leaves can sometimes hide them!
    • Toyota of Clermont also recommends knowing how your defroster works before you hit the road. Cooler weather can sometimes cause your windshield and rear window to fog up, and you need to keep them clear in order to have a full field of vision.
    • Plot your route before you leave, and know an alternate. A lot of holidays fall in the hall, which means there could be more traffic out on the roads. Bad weather could also slow you down! Use the technology found in so many of our Clermont Toyota cars to check weather and traffic while you’re on the road, and the navigation technology to find another (more efficient) route to your final fall destination.

    Make sure your car is stocked with essentials!

    Make sure your ride is stocked up before you hit the highway! Part of safe driving is being prepared, so Toyota of Clermont recommends that you bring along supplies like:

    • A first aid kit
    • A roadside safety kit
    • A spare tire and tire changing kit
    • Snacks, drinks, and medications
    • Books and games to keep younger passengers occupied
    • A fire extinguisher
    • Pillows and blankets
    • Phone chargers
    • A flashlight for changing tires in the dark
    • A spare fuse kit and a few spare lightbulbs for your headlights and tail lights
    • A couple of extra hoses and belts, just in case
    • A gallon of water for overheating

    Ready to hit the road? Have our Clermont Toyota Service Center check out your car before you go – we’re open seven days a week at 16851 State Road 50, just off the Florida Turnpike!

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