• How does the 2014 Toyota Tacoma size up when compared to the Nissan Frontier?


    Looking for a tough new truck to get the job done, whether it’s towing or carpool? Why not check out the new Toyota Tacoma near Orlando? This incredible vehicle has enough versatility to tackle whatever life may throw at it, and on top of that it’s both affordable and fuel-efficient. It’s a solid choice no matter what your drive time needs happen to be, and our new Toyota dealership near Orlando is ready to get you into the driver’s seat! 

    What makes the 2014 Toyota Tacoma near Orlando stand out? 

    We know it’s not the only new truck out there, though. There are a ton of options everywhere you turn, and how are you supposed to know which is the best fit? A new car is a huge investment, after all. You want to be absolutely certain that you’re getting the right one. Toyota of Clermont is here to help – we’re comparing the 2014 Toyota Tacoma to some of its competitors. Today, it’s going up against the new Nissan Frontier! 

    One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for a new ride is price – how much can you comfortably afford? The 2014 Toyota Tacoma near Orlando takes the cake in this category. It kicks off at $19,885, while the new Nissan Frontier has a higher starting MSRP of $21,230. Think about all the cool accessories you can buy with almost $1,500 extra! 


    Get more performance out of this new Toyota truck than its Nissan competition

    Performance is also important and when it comes to trucks, there are a lot of different variables to consider (especially if you’re going to use the vehicle for work, towing, or off-roading). Here’s the breakdown on how the Toyota Tacoma near Orlando surpasses its Nissan competitor with ease! 

    • Payload capacity: Basically, this element has to do with how much weight the truck can handle (it’s a total of cargo and passengers in both the bed and cab of the vehicle). The 2014 Toyota Tacoma can handle up to 1,305 pounds, while the Nissan Frontier falls short with just 932 pounds of capability. It makes a big difference when you’re hauling heavy loads, trust us! 
    • How about horsepower and torque? Both are important to towing, hauling, and hitting the road – you’ll find that the Toyota option takes the lead in both. It gets 159 horsepower as compared to the 152 horsepower that the Nissan truck offers, and you’ll find more torque in your hands. This new Toyota gets 180 lb-ft, while the Nissan Frontier only offers 171 lb-ft! 
    • The 2014 Toyota Tacoma also pulls ahead when it comes to fuel economy! You’ll find 19/24 mpg on your side in this truck, while the Nissan Frontier only offers 17/23. Those extra miles per gallon will show up in your savings! 

    Test drive this new Toyota truck today – visit Toyota of Clermont at 16851 State Road 50, or give them a shout at (888) 590-6090 to set up an appointment ahead of time! 

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