• A harmonious collaboration of car and driver, the Toyota Concept-i


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    There has always been a bit of a stigma when it comes to autonomous vehicles. So when Toyota designers hit the drawing board for their newest concept car they aimed to achieve a warmer and friendlier appeal. Toyota has been working hard behind the scenes to create a vehicle of the future that strays away from complete independence and focuses on a beautiful collaboration of car and driver. With a design fueled by kinetic warmth this Toyota car will alter the impersonal predictions of self-driving vehicles.

    Take a glimpse into this brighter future with The Toyota Concept-i. Toyota believes that the mobility technology of tomorrow should be personalized and welcoming. And this concept car will do just that. It will manage to keep the thrill of driving in the hands of the owner until instructed otherwise. That way, drivers can benefit from all of the latest technology but still experience the drive for themselves. With the latest artificial intelligence system and an edgy design, this vehicle will provide an amazingly smooth ride of the future.

    Get to know Yui in the Toyota Concept-i

    Imagine a car with a real personality. That’s what you’ll get with the Toyota Concept-i. The unique and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system (AI) appropriately named Yui, meaning center of the soul, is the most enticing feature of this Toyota concept car. Yui acts as the heart and liaison of the car. Yui will get to know its owner and go on to determine the needs and feelings of the all those who enter. Thus, allowing the AI to take action and alert the vehicle of these needs. The AI can also pick up on when the acting driver is in need of a break and can take over if given permission to do so. This advanced form of communication does not only reach those in the vehicle. Beyond its passengers, this automobile of the future has the ability to communicate with those outside of the car. With a strong focus on upholding a safe environment for all, the Concept-i can provide pedestrians with warnings of potential threats or hazards as well as alert other drivers of anticipated turns and maneuvers.

    Take a closer look with Toyota of Orlando 

    Interior & Exterior

    The Concept-i sports a minimalistic and modern interior with an emphasis on providing ultimate comfort and luxury to all who enter the cockpit of the vehicle. The experience of this futuristic ride is enhanced with sweeping lines throughout so that Yui can effectively communicate through elements of light, sound, and touch.

    The amazement of this Toyota of tomorrow does not cease at its stunning interior and technology. This futuristic vehicle sports an elegant but edgy exterior. Boasting a white body adorned with a sleek black streak of glass, everyone will know this is no ordinary car. On top of its sleek build, this concept car is embellished with lighting accents and scissor doors to really make it a head-turner.

    A bright future for Toyota

    The Toyota Concept-i will be unlike any other concept car once it hits the road. By providing a main focus on the driver-car relationship rather than a plethora of technology, people will feel truly welcomed every time they drive. There may be a bit of a wait before we see it hit the streets, so for the time being come in and check out all of the available models that Toyota of Orlando has to offer. From the Toyota 4Runner to the Toyota Tundra to the Toyota C-HR, we have something for everyone. We are open seven days a week and located just off of I-4 at 3575 Vineland Road. We look forward to seeing you! Drive safe!

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