• Don't get stuck with a lemon when it comes to used cars in Orlando!


    The last thing anyone wants when it comes to Orlando used cars is to take home a lemon. Unfortunately, it does happen from time to time! One way to counter this problem is to shop at Toyota of Orlando – not only do we have a huge and varied selection of dependable used cars, we also offer amazing warranties to go along with them and help push your driving experience to the next level. Plus, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from buying from our family-owned dealership! 

    Let us help you find dependable Orlando used cars

    However, we know that some drivers don’t have the option to come see us, as they might be looking for a very specific make or model that we simply don’t have to offer at the time. If you’re headed on a quest for Orlando used cars and think you might end up at another used car dealer, we’ve got tips for you. Don’t take home a lemon – instead, follow our helpful advice straight from our knowledgeable sales specialists! 

    • The first thing you should do when finding used cars in Orlando that you like is to pull a CarFax vehicle history report. This will give you helpful information regarding its past, previous owners, any accidents, and any service/repairs that have been reported. That’s not the only thing you should take into consideration, though – here are some other things you should scout out during your hunt! 
    • Be on the lookout for flood damage and in turn, electrical problems. These issues will empty your wallet faster than you can believe – the parts are often expensive in themselves, and you then have to factor in time-intensive installation and labor. All in all? You’ll be dropping a heavy chunk of change, so be sure to avoid Orlando used cars with electrical issues (one giveaway is burnt out or malfunctioning lights in the dash!). 
    • Also be on the lookout for poorly completed body work. If you notice patches of mismatched paint or spots where panels just don’t seem to quite line up, this is indicative of poorly done work. It may have been a quick fix for the driver at the time, but will no doubt lead to future repairs that can quickly empty your pockets. 
    • Another aspect to consider when shopping for used vehicles is the mileage. High mileage cars (typically over 100,000 miles) are more expensive to maintain no matter which way you look at it, especially if the miles were accrued out on the highway. It doesn’t mean you should avoid the car altogether, but it’s definitely something to think about before you buy! 


    Let Toyota of Orlando assist you in your used car search! 

    These are just some of the warning signs to be on the lookout for when you start your search – if you want more tips, come down and chat with one of our sales specialists! Our Toyota dealership is open seven days a week until 10pm and we’re happy to help you in your quest for the perfect new ride. Give us a call today at (888) 725-3520! 

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