• Get safety tips for driving in high winds


    There are various dangerous driving conditions you can run into when behind the wheel of your new Toyota in Orlando. The best way to combat these dangerous driving conditions and stay safe on the road is to be prepared! This is why Toyota of Orlando is constantly sharing safe driving tips for taking on different driving obstacles, such as driving in the rain. Another type of driving situation we want you to be prepared for is driving in high winds. If you don’t already know, driving with strong winds can be extremely risky. This is why we’re sharing tips for driving your new Toyota in this type of weather!

    Take on strong winds in your new Toyota in Orlando

    We get a variety of weather conditions here in Central Florida, which means you have to be prepared for the worst. Although our new Toyota in Orlando do a pretty good job of protecting you with the safety features they have to offer, you have to know how to handle certain driving situations. How should you drive your new Toyota in high winds? Here are some safe driving tips from our Toyota dealership in Orlando:

    • Watch out for changing weather: Very rarely do high winds come alone. Strong gusts usually bring in other inclement weather conditions. If you must drive your new Toyota in Orlando during high winds, you want to be ready for wet roads and sudden changes in weather! You also want to listen to the radio for weather updates, so you’re not caught off guard.
    • Keep your distance from others: A strong gust of wind can be enough to blow any vehicle off course, which is why you never want to drive too close to others in this situation. You should especially be careful around vehicles with high profiles like trucks and vans, as they have a better chance of being blown off course or even tipping over! You should also avoid driving a high profile new Toyota when you notice high winds.
    • Avoid fallen debris: High winds are notorious for blowing debris in the road, which can be dangerous if you run over or into it. This is why it’s crucial you drive slow and be on the lookout for fallen debris! If you see a fallen line, you should steer clear of it and DO NOT drive over it. Call 911 to report it and take a different route.
    • Practice cautious driving: Most importantly, you should be extremely cautious while driving your new Toyota in Orlando during high winds. It can get hard to steer, which is why you should slow down and keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times! 


    Let Toyota of Orlando help you through bad weather

    No matter what type of weather you’re facing, you can always feel safe and secure in a new Toyota. Visit our Toyota dealership to find a ride that can give you some peace-of-mind.

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