• Drive safely in water with Toyota of Orlando's tips!


    Did you know that if you’re not careful, you can do a lot of damage to your new Toyota in Orlando when you drive it through water? It can ruin your engine intake, warp your brake rotors, and even cause electrical problems in some cars. However, off-road adventures often include crossing through water, and you may even find yourself trying to drive through it if you get stuck in a bad storm. That’s why Toyota of Orlando has tips for you on how to safely navigate through water in your vehicle! 

    Steps to take when crossing water in your new Toyota

    • First: scope the situation! You want to try and avoid water that’s more than six inches deep if at all possible, so watch a few other drivers take on the puddle first to see how they fare and how high the water is when they’re actually in it. 
    • You should also slow down! You want to slow your new Toyota in Orlando as you approach the water you’re going to be crossing; move at a steady pace, but don’t slam on the gas. This might push water into your exhaust pipe, and if you accelerate when leaving the puddle it can push water into the engine bay of your new Toyota. 
    • You should also try to drive in the shallowest parts of the puddle – if the road is higher on the shoulders, drive your new Toyota there. If the middle of the road is higher than the sides, try to keep your new Toyota in the middle. This will lessen your changes of water damage! 
    • Don’t let 4x4 capabilities in your new Toyota make you over-confident – they won’t help you if water gets sucked into the engine. Treat your approach to driving through water the same whether you’re in a new Toyota Corolla or a tough Toyota Tacoma!  
    • If you see downed electrical lines near the water, STEER CLEAR. Water can carry electrical current and you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself and the passengers in your new Toyota in Orlando. 
    • Test your new Toyota’s brakes after you’ve cleared the water to ensure they’re not wet. You can do this at a slow speed for safety, and if they feel wet continue to press them down to help them dry more quickly. 
    • If your vehicle stalls, restarting it may cause costly damage to your new Toyota – so be careful. Also, if you can’t restart the car or the water seems to be rising quickly, you need to abandon the vehicle and get to higher ground as quickly as you can! 


    Get water damage addressed at our Toyota Service Center!

    If you do sustain water damage to your vehicle, bring it into the Toyota of Orlando Service Center to have it taken care of by our trained Toyota technicians! Our service center is open seven days a week to better serve you and your automotive repair needs, so make your appointment today.

    You can also come in and find a new Toyota in Orlando that’s a great bet for off-roading adventures – give us a call at (888) 725-3520, and take things off the pavement today! 

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