• Let us help you get the best fuel efficiency in your Orlando Scion!



    Prices at the pump are on the rise, and fuel efficiency is a major factor to consider when you’re shopping for a new Scion in Orlando. Luckily for you, Toyota of Orlando has a huge selection of fuel-efficient options that can help cut costs at the gas pump! We boast a wide variety of hybrids, but if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient member of the Scion family, you can’t go wrong with options like the 2013 Scion iQ in Orlando, or the sporty Scion xD. Plus, our Toyota Service Center has tips for you on how you can maximize the fuel efficiency in your vehicle, no matter what type of car it is! 


    How can you make your Orlando Scion more fuel-efficient? 

    Here are a few tips to help you make the most of that tank of gas – they’re straight from our trained Toyota technicians, so you know you’re getting good advice: 

    • Drive more efficiently! If you have three errands to run, try to combine them into one trip. This will not only help save gas, it’ll also cut down on the wear and tear on your new Scion. 
    • Stick to the speed limit. It may be fun to cruise the highway in your new Scion FR-S in Orlando, but obeying the speed limit actually works in your favor (besides keeping you from getting a speeding ticket!). Every vehicle hits maximum efficiency at different speeds, but when you get over 50 mpg your efficiency tends to go down. Keep that in mind next time you hit the road in your new Scion! 
    • Dump the extra weight. No matter what it is that’s taking up space in your trunk, it eats away at your new Scion’s fuel efficiency. Try to ensure you clean your car out and limit the amount of weight you’re hauling on a daily basis! 
    • Don’t stomp on the gas! By driving smoothly, you’ll utilize less fuel. On a separate note, you should also avoid slamming on your brakes, since that can wear them out more quickly. 
    • Use the cruise control! Cruise control helps you maintain a steady speed in your new Scion, which can enhance the fuel efficiency. Only use it on the highway, though – you never want to use this tool in traffic or in heavily congested areas. 


    Routine maintenance is important for your Orlando Scion’s performance 

    You should also get regular maintenance on your new Scion. It may seem like a no-brainer, but ensuring your car is up to date on its routine maintenance will make all the difference. Get regular oil changes, and make sure you keep your tires properly inflated (if your Orlando Scion’s tires are underinflated, it can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and loss of traction). You should also regularly change your air filter, maintain your fluid levels, and get tune-ups when recommended! You can find out more about the recommended service schedule for your new Scion – just ask us! 

    Want to get more tips or find your next fuel-efficient Scion in Orlando? Visit our dealership! We’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall, and we’re open until 10pm every single night. Call our Service Center at (866) 945-0493 and start making the most of your driving experiences today!