• Make back to school carpooling easy with Toyota of Orlando tips


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    Are you in charge of the back to school carpool this semester? It can be a challenge to pull everything together and ensure it runs smoothly all year long. However, there are things you can do to make it a whole lot easier when you get behind the wheel in the morning, and Toyota of Orlando has tips. Check it out!

    Prep yourself and your car for carpooling

    Tip #1: Carpooling requires a lot of planning, so get to it. Our first Orlando Toyota tip is to keep a list of all carpool riders and their contact information, including their addresses where they will be picked up. You'll also want to create a schedule so you know who is driving each day, as well as what time everyone will be picked up and dropped off. This will ensure everyone knows where they need to be every day of the week.

    Tip #2: Here at Toyota of Orlando, we recommend prepping your car with auto service before back to school arrives, especially if you're in a carpool. The last thing you need is an unreliable ride holding everyone up. Prep your car with the routine maintenance it's due for to keep it out on the road and running like-new.

    Tip #3: Our third carpool tip involves punctuality. It's important to always be on time whether you're driving or riding – it's not fair to hold everyone else up and potentially cause people to be late. Be sure you're where you need to be, and don't ask the driver to make extra stops on the way (and if you're the driver, the same goes – don't stop and hold up your passengers).

    Schedule Orlando auto service and detailing before the school year

    Tip #4:  Clean your car! No one wants to ride around town in a dirty, unorganized car. Make sure your car is clean and ready to hit the road (you can always schedule Orlando car detailing at our dealership to help you get ready). And keep it like that during the week; it's a good idea to have a trash receptacle on hand for everyone's garbage and also to keep a cargo organizer in place for everyone's gear.

    Tip #5: Our last carpooling tip involves driving responsibly. As the driver in a carpool, it's your job to ensure everyone's safety when you're behind the wheel. Drive defensively, follow the speed limit and the rules of the road, and never engage in road rage. If you're stuck in traffic, it's better to be late than to drive aggressively. Similarly, be respectful of passengers and avoid playing loud music or talking on your phone if you can.

    Want more tips, or need to find the perfect new Toyota for this year's carpooling gig? Call Toyota of Orlando at (407) 298-4500. Or just swing by and take a test drive! We're open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall.

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