• Toyota of Orlando shares tips for shipping a car


    Whether you’re planning on moving or you just sold your new Toyota in Orlando, shipping your ride is an easy way of getting it where it needs to be. It’s not very often you need to ship your new Toyota, but it’s probably a smart idea to know how to properly transport it when this time comes. Sure, there are services that take care of moving your ride from one place to the other; however, you’re going to have to take care of the right preparation to ensure it’s done right! 

    Choose the right shipping method for your new Toyota in Orlando

    Before you ship your car, you want to be sure to choose a reputable company to transport it for you! Choosing the right company and type of transportation can make all the difference in the experience you have. Once you find a company you trust to ship your new Toyota in Orlando, you want to think about whether you want to transport it on an open or closed trailer.

    • An open trailer is a great option if you’re looking for the more affordable route; however, you take the risk of your car being damaged by debris.
    • A closed trailer is safer for your car because it’s not exposed to the outside elements; however, it tends to be more expensive, which is why it’s typically used for luxury and classic cars.

    Prepare your new Toyota in Orlando for transportation

    If you’re planning on shipping your new Toyota, you can’t just throw it on a truck and expect it to get to its destination without any problems. To ensure shipping your new Toyota in Orlando goes off without a hitch, it’s important to put in the right preparation. Toyota of Orlando is sharing tips for preparing your car to ship.

    • Inspect your ride: Cars can sometimes get damaged during transport, which is why you want to inspect it before it leaves. You may want to clean it, so you can see everything underneath the dirt. This will help you determine what markings were already there when you inspect it again after it arrives at its final destination.
    • Clean the interior: Along with cleaning the exterior, you want to clear the cabin. This includes removing all personal items. You don’t want any items to go missing during the move! You should also clean the inside thoroughly to ensure there isn’t any old food or crumbs that can attract insects or animals.
    • Secure parts: To protect your car from damage, you should secure all specialty parts like the spoiler on your Orlando Scion. You should also fold in the side view mirrors and remove the antenna if possible. 
    • Cover convertible: If you have a convertible car, you want to make sure the top is up before shipping it. If for some reason you can’t put the top up, you should use a cover than can resist wind. This will protect the interior of your new Toyota from damage.

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