• How old is too old when buying an Orlando used car?


    When you’re shopping for a used car in Orlando, you’re looking for the best deal there is. Typically, you can find the biggest savings on a pre-owned car when they are older. Orlando used cars that are not a recent model year typically have a lower price because of depreciation, higher miles and normal wear and tear. Older pre-owned cars are a great economical option, but how old is too old?

    Should you buy an older used car?

    Used car shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. Once you’ve concluded what you need in a pre-owned car (performance, capability and features) then you should decide on a budget. A budget will help you eliminate other options and narrow down your choices.

    When you’re out on the lot of our pre-owned car dealership and find vehicles within your budget, another factor that could help you narrow down your options is the age of the vehicle. Before you purchase an older used car in Orlando, consider a couple of factors like:

    • Mileage: Higher mileage is an indication of a car that has been driven often. Depending on how old the vehicle is, a more recent model with higher miles indicates a lot of highway driving. This could mean a healthier engine. Higher miles on an old car show that the engine has been through a lot and could be facing wear and tear.
    • Maintenance: It’s important that when you purchase a pre-owned car, that is has been serviced regularly over the years. A car that has routine car maintenance neglect is likely to have problems and issues down the road. Check service records and the vehicle history report to ensure this car is in tiptop shape.
    • Safety features: Safety technology is changed and improved every year. An old, pre-owned car will have outdated safety equipment and features. If you want some of the more modern safety tech, it’s better to buy a newer pre-owned car in Orlando.
    • Entertainment and Convenience features: Purchasing an old pre-owned car may come with the sacrifice of ease and convenience. More than likely, there will be no MP3 playing ability or wireless phone connectivity. The farther back in years you go, the less technology there is. Older vehicles typically don’t have power windows, door locks or seats either.
    • Parts: If you’re considering buying a pre-owned car and that model has been discontinues, it’s best to check that the manufacturer is still making parts for it or that aftermarket parts are readily available. You want to be able to repair your car if a part were to be needed!

    Orlando pre-owned cars are safe and reliable!

    If you’re worried about a pre-owned car being undependable or unsafe, there’s no need. Every Orlando used car on our lot has been through a thorough 160-point safety inspection by our Toyota service technicians.

    All of our pre-owned cars in Orlando are safe, but you should always consider resale value and personal preference when purchasing an older used car. If you have more questions about cutoff ages for pre-owned cars, give us a call at (888) 725-3520!

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