• Our Orlando Toyota Service Center helps you spot engine trouble!


    Let’s face it – no matter how often you schedule routine auto service in Orlando, or how good of care you take of your ride, accidents happen. Engine trouble is a problem that all drivers will face at one point or another in their lives, and it can be very stressful… but it doesn’t necessarily have to be as stressful as you might think! 

    Do you know when it’s time to schedule auto service? 

    Our Orlando Toyota Service Center is here to help! We can teach you how to spot signs of engine trouble that are developing, so you can proactively bring your ride in and avoid even costlier repairs. We’ve also got incredible Toyota Service Coupons to help you save, and our trained Toyota technicians will work as quickly as they can to get you back out on the road. 

    The Toyota of Orlando Service Center helps you decipher your car’s behavior! 

    It all starts with you – here are some things to be on the lookout for when it comes to engine trouble, and signs you should schedule Orlando auto service to cut problems off at the pass! 

    Smoke: Smoke is a dead giveaway – whether it’s coming out from under the hood or billowing out the tailpipe, it’s an indicator that something funny is going on and auto service is needed. Typically, the color of the smoke can signify the problem. Blue smoke means oil is burning, while white smoke means coolant or antifreeze is making its way into your fuel supply. Either way, our Toyota Service Center needs to take a look at it to ensure it doesn’t damage anything further! 

    Weird smells: So you’ve narrowed out garbage hiding in the car, but the interior still smells funny. Take a closer look! If you smell burning rubber then you may have hoses or belts that are on their way out and need to be replaced; if you smell chemicals inside the car, there could be a leak somewhere and it can be very dangerous to inhale the fumes. Pull over and call a tow truck to get your car the auto service in Orlando it needs! 

    Bumpy ride: We all know that cars are developed to have a smooth and comfortable ride. If your vehicle starts to pull to one side, jerk and jolt, or stall out, then you’ve got problems under the hood! It could be something as simple as a clogged fuel line or dead spark plug, or it may be something more serious. Either way, schedule auto service to get it addressed! 

    You’re behind the wheel of your car almost every day, so you know it better than anyone – if something seems off, why not bring it to our Orlando Toyota Service Center and get it checked? Like we said, our trained Toyota technicians are on deck to meet all of your needs, and our Toyota Service Coupons will help you save big. Don’t let repairs get out of hand – nip them in the bud today and give us a call at (866) 945-0493! 

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