• Necessary auto service for your trip


    Before you go on a road trip, you know it’s important to make sure your car is ship shape. However, you may not be getting your car as ready as you should. You’ve got the basics down: oil change, tire rotation, brake service, and battery test – but what about other components? There are a few parts of your car that you should have checked out and tuned up at our Orlando auto service center before you hit the road!

    Road trip auto service you may need!

    When you bring your car into our auto service center in Orlando, let our Toyota service techs know you’re going on a road trip. They’ll inspect your car from bumper to bumper to make sure it’s good to go! Some of the components they’ll look at include:

    • Belts and hoses – there are a lot of auto parts and pieces under the hood of your car. Over time and because of wear and tear, parts like belts and hoses can slip, tear or break. With malfunctioning belts and hoses your entire vehicle could cease to work. Our Orlando auto service experts can inspect each and every one, and repair or replace any that need it.
    • Transmission – you may have heard of an Orlando transmission fluid flush, but a car’s transmission system is much more complex than that. Our auto service techs will inspect your transmission system to ensure it’s not going to blow on your road trip.
    • Power steering – thanks to power steering, turning your car is simple. However, if your power steering goes out or is leaking, maneuvering your car is no longer so simple. For a simple and easy driving experience, have your power steering inspected.
    • Radiator – driving your car for long periods and high rates of speed causes your engine to work harder. Your radiator is crucial to keeping your car’s engine cool while you’re driving. Leaks and holes are detrimental to the radiator. To prevent your car from overheating on the road, have the radiator checked and repaired if necessary.

    Visit our Orlando Toyota Service Center before you get on the road!

    Road trips can be predictable, especially the weather. If you’re going to be experiencing any rain on the road, you want to be ready. At our auto service center in Orlando, get your windshield wiper blades replaced and your headlights restored. You’ll want to make sure you have maximum visibility out on the road, and that other motorists will be able to see you!

    A lot goes into planning a road trip. You have to take off of work, figure out your destination, plot your route, and pack the car. When you’re making your plans, don’t forget to include Orlando auto service! By keeping your car well-maintained, you can ensure a smooth drive! You don’t want to spend your precious vacation time broke down and on the side of the road.

    For a more enjoyable road trip this summer, visit our Toyota service center at 3575 Vineland Road. We’re just off of I-4 near the Millenia Mall!

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