• Walk safely with pedestrian safety tips


    Do you frequently walk to school or work? Maybe you ride your bicycle! Whether it’s for convenience or to save money, it’s important that you stay safe! There can be a lot of risks and hazards on the road and our new Toyota dealership in Orlando wants to help keep pedestrians safe. If you want to keep your commute safe, use these pedestrian safety tips from Toyota of Orlando!

    Safety tips for pedestrians

    If you’re new to being a pedestrian or bicyclist, you’re probably a little leery of the rules and ways of the road. When commuting on foot or on bike, it’s important that you stay completely aware of your surroundings. Use Toyota of Orlando’s pedestrian safety tips like:

    • Use sidewalks. Stay on the sidewalks and avoid walking in the road. Sidewalks keep you out of the way of traffic.
    • Ride with the flow of traffic if you’re a cyclist. Legally, bicyclists cannot use the sidewalks. However, most roads include a bike lane that allows for cyclists to have their own space on the road.
    • Use crosswalks. Only cross streets and intersections using designated crosswalks. Crossing in the middle of the street could result in a collision.
    • Look both ways –twice. Before you cross, look to your left and to your right. Then, look to your left again before crossing. Sometimes, vehicles come out of places, like alleys and parking lots, when you don’t realize it.
    • Avoid distractions. For your safety, keep your head up and don’t be distracted by your devices like iPods or phones.

    If you are walking or riding your bike at night, you should be very cautious and safe in your travels. At night, it’s harder for drivers to see you and heightens the risk of a collision. If you’re walking or riding after the sun goes down, remember to:

    • Wear brightly colored clothing.
    • Carry a flashlight.
    • Use reflective clothing, tape, and equipment.
    • Install lights on your bike.
    • Only cross streets or intersections that are well-lit.

    While walking or cycling at night, make it your priority to be seen by motorists. If you are visible to them, they are able to avoid collisions and can give you space.

    Safe driving tips for pedestrians

    If you’re behind the wheel rather than on your feet, make sure you pay close attention to pedestrian and cyclist safety. If you’re in an area where pedestrians are heavily present, like school zones or busy intersections, make sure you’re exuding extreme caution and using Orlando safe driving tips like:

    • Slow down and pay attention to decreased speed limits.

    • Do not block crosswalks. Requiring a pedestrian to go around your car in the crosswalk could cause them to be in danger.

    • Give pedestrians the right of way.

    • If you’re turning right, allow bicyclists behind you to pass first. If you’re turning left, allow bicyclists traveling in the opposite direction to pass through the intersection first.

    For more tips on how to stay safe walking or driving, stop by Toyota of Orlando! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23!

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