• Orlando Toyota Land Cruiser designed for much more than luxury


    When you get behind the wheel of the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser in Orlando, you probably immediately note how luxurious, sophisticated, and technologically advanced it is. You’d be right, of course – this new Toyota is the epitome of plush and an extremely popular choice for drivers who want to take the driving experience to the next level. However, we’d be willing to bet you probably didn’t know that this is the opposite of where the SUV came from! 

    Original Orlando Toyota Land Cruiser built for durability 

    That’s right! The original Orlando Toyota Land Cruiser wasn’t built for luxury – it was built for durability, ruggedness, and the capability to actually perform as a wartime vehicle! It’s come a long way since then, seamlessly integrating the aforementioned luxury with off-road abilities and a tough performance. Let’s take a look back and see where it all began! 

    The Toyota Land Cruiser in Orlando originated in 1950, just after World War II. It was intended to be a wartime truck with rugged performance capabilities, and was called the Land Cruiser BJ Series. It became available in mass quantities in 1953 and then in 1954, got the “Toyota Land Cruiser” title that’s stuck ever since! 

    Since then, this new Toyota in Orlando has undergone some major transformations to take it from a basic truck based about durability to the luxury vehicle it’s become. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the history of this iconic vehicle! 


    • In 1960, the Model 40 Series was introduced to the world. This was the first year that this Toyota legend was more focused on an interior that was comfortable and refined, while still maintaining performance capabilities. 
    • In 1967, Toyota introduced the Model 55 Series, which was able to high higher speeds and provide passengers with a more enjoyable ride. It was aimed at melding leisure with off-road abilities, and it definitely succeeded! 
    • 1984 brought the Model 70 Series to the table, and with it came major performance enhancements to make tackling tough terrain possible while at the same time keeping the interior ride smooth. It featured the same engine as the Toyota 4Runner at the time! 
    • In 1996, the Model 60 Series became available. It introduced the concept of “top quality” and brought features like standard ABS, wireless communication equipment, and standard airbags into the equation. 
    • 2002 brought the Toyota Land Cruiser in Orlando that you’re probably most familiar with – the Model 120 Series. It’s an effortless mix of luxury (like the plush leather interior and amazing entertainment features) with performance (take Active Traction Control and 4WD capabilities, for example). We can’t get enough of this new Toyota in Orlando, and we guarantee you’ll feel the same! 


    Test drive this new Toyota today!

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