• Be good to Mother Earth with the Orlando Toyota Prius family!


    Many of our customers are come in looking for an easy way to do their part in the go-green movement. You can use recyclable bags for groceries and be sure to use those energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs in your house, but did you know there’s another easy way to be kind to Mother Earth? Introducing the Orlando Toyota Prius family – it’s never been quite so easy to go green! 

    Our new Toyota hybrids in Orlando are affordable and eco-friendly

    At our family of dealerships, we have a great selection of new Toyota hybrids. However, none are quite so popular as the members of the Toyota Prius family! After all, this iconic vehicle was the starting point for hybrid cars, and it’s only improved since its inception back in 1997. Now you can find four members of the family and decide which is the best fit for you – all of them offer different points of versatility, but all of them provide the same green performance and amazing fuel efficiency. Meet the family! 

    The 2013 Toyota Prius in Orlando is the frontrunner, obviously (it’s the new Toyota hybrid that started it all). This amazing vehicle offers an estimated 50 mpg combined, and comes with incredible technology options like a display audio system, remote keyless entry, cruise control, and more. Plus, it cuts down hugely on emissions that for smog, so you can do your part for the environment without ever leaving the driver’s seat! 

    If you want something that embraces all of those qualities but is a bit more family-friendly, explore the 2013 Toyota Prius v! This new Toyota hybrid in Orlando is a bit roomier, offering seating for five and almost 35 cubic feet of cargo space (more than some small SUVs). It’s also decked out with great safety technology, and brings you savings at the fuel pump with 42 mpg combined! 


    The Toyota Prius family has something for everyone! 

    Looking for something city-friendly that’s got the same characteristics of the rest of the family? Check out the new Toyota Prius c in Orlando! This city-friendly new Toyota hybrid is a compact version of its bigger brothers, but still seats up to five and offers 50 mpg combined. Plus, it’s slick and stylish with standard features like a sporty rear spoiler and a wide palette of bright paint hues from which to choose! 

    The newest – and greenest – member of the Toyota Prius family hasn’t hit our family of dealerships yet, but we’re awaiting its arrival! The Prius Plug-in is an electric vehicle that can power itself on electricity alone over short distances and low speeds. It also, however, throws in hybrid technology under the hood should you need to hit the highways! 

    As you can see, each member of this hybrid family has a lot to offer, and no matter what circumstances you face in your day-to-day driving, there’s a perfect option for you! Why not come see them all at our family of dealerships? Toyota of Orlando is just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall, and Toyota of Clermont is located just west of the Florida Turnpike at 16851 State Road 50! 

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