• Take on heavy traffic in your new Toyota with ease!


    If you leave work around 5 p.m., you know how stressful it can be get stuck in rush hour traffic! You may also know how dangerous this can be. With so many cars on the road, you never know what can happen when driving your new Toyota in Orlando during heavy traffic. This is why our Orlando Toyota dealership is sharing safe driving tips for taking on heavy traffic!

    Stay safe in your new Toyota during traffic

    Car accidents can be the cause of heavy traffic; however, they can also be caused by the traffic. We want you to be able to stay safe while behind the wheel of your new Toyota in Orlando. Check out these traffic safety tips to help increase your chance of getting through hazardous roads without incident:

    • Plan around traffic: First, we suggest avoiding heavy traffic areas as much as possible. If you can’t change the time you’re on the road, we suggest finding another route. Even if the route is longer, it can take you less time to get to your destination without all of the traffic. If you have a navigation system in your Orlando Toyota, you can easily find other route options. 
    • Don’t rubberneck: Like we mentioned, car accidents are sometimes the reason for a traffic jam. Once it’s time to pass the accident site, you should avoid rubbernecking. This is when you slow down to try to catch a glimpse of what’s going on. Not only does it add to the slowing down of traffic, it’s dangerous when you take your attention off the road ahead!
    • Avoid texting while driving: Your new Toyota in Orlando may be at a dead stop, but it doesn’t mean you should pull out your cell phone and start texting while driving. You might be too distracted to notice the traffic has started moving again and cause even more delays or a collision. Instead, use the Bluetooth wireless connectivity in your new Toyota to make hands-free phone calls!
    • Keep your distance from others: The actions of other drivers are unpredictable. This is why we advise you to keep some extra distance between your new Toyota in Orlando and other cars on the road. Instead of inching up to the car in front of you, keep at least a car’s length between. This way you can have extra time to react to the actions of others while in heavy traffic!
    • Avoid switching lanes: Switching lanes can easily end in a collision. This is why we suggest trying to stick to one lane as much as possible when stuck in traffic. If you must switch lanes, don’t forget use the turn signal. Some of our new Toyota also offer a Blind Spot Monitor, which will let you know when a car is next to you that you may not see!

    Toyota of Orlando shares more safe driving tips

    Want more safety tips for hitting the road in your new Toyota? Visit the Toyota of Orlando website. You can also stop by 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia or give us a call at (888) 725-3520. Drive safe!

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