• Let our Orlando auto service center help you maintain your car's fluids!


    We’re all about being proactive at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. Not only do we encourage our customers to get routine auto service taken care of according to schedule, we also encourage them to take steps to understand how their car works and monitor it on their own! We can help you stick to a recommended maintenance plan, but you never know when the need for auto service in Orlando will crop up in between service appointments. That’s why we’re here to help! 

    Why should you consider checking fluids as part of your auto service in Orlando? 

    One big factor that comes into play when maintaining your car’s performance is its fluids! Oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid – those are just a few examples, and they all play a big, big part in ensuring that your drive time is safe and efficient. We’ve come up with a few helpful tips on how you can maintain some of these fluids in between visits to our Orlando Toyota Service Center! 

    • Transmission fluid: You can check your transmission fluid even without auto service in Orlando – all you have to do is pop the hood! In this case, you want the car running. The transmission fluid dipstick is located behind the oil dipstick. Pull it out and check both the level of the fluid and how clean it is. If it looks low or appears dirty, bring your car in for auto service to rule out a leak and get it changed! 
    • Engine oil: Routine oil changes in Orlando are key to a long and healthy performance. You can check your oil in between changes by pulling out the dipstick. The level should be full (if it’s not you can top it off, but be sure not to overfill and also monitor it afterwards to make sure there’s not a leak) and yellow-tan in color. If it looks dark, it’s time for an oil change! 
    • Coolant: It gets hot here in Central Florida, there’s no doubt about that. Thus, it’s essential to have the proper amount of coolant in your car. You can check the reservoir just by looking at it (it’s made of clear plastic). If it looks lower than 2/3 full, top if off, being sure to always add a mixture that’s half coolant, half water. 
    • Power-steering fluid: Part of the reason it’s so easy to navigate your Toyota is because of the power-steering fluid under the hood. Without it, you wouldn’t get very far! The reservoir for this fluid is close to the power-steering belt – it’s typically labeled. You should either be able to check the level by examining the reservoir, or use the dipstick that’s attached to the cap. If it’s low, bring it in for auto service! 


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