• Toyota of Orlando shares summer road trip tips


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    Memorial Day Weekend may be over, but summer is just beginning! If you’re planning to hit the road and take a road trip to get out of town, you should do a little preparation ahead of time to ensure your trip is easy breezy. Toyota of Orlando has road trip tips to help you do it – print them out and check them off before you hit the highway to save time AND money!

    Learn how to make your road trip easy breezy this summer

    Tip #1: Have your car checked out before your summer road trip. Why not bring it in to our Orlando auto service center before you take a long trip? Our techs will conduct a multi-point inspection to ensure everything is in good shape and no trouble is brewing, and they can also take care of routine auto care like oil changes and tire rotations before you leave. You’ll have peace of mind AND a car that’s operating in tip-top shape!

    Tip #2: Pack your car carefully. You should have three piles – one “carryon” bag, one overnight bag, and one large bag. Your carryon bag should contain things you need to reach easily while on the road, like medication, phone chargers, snacks, etc. Your overnight bag is for when you stop overnight – don’t drag a large suitcase into the hotel and have to unpack your whole car. Instead, pack a change of clothes and some toiletries into this bag to take it inside with you. Then, throw everything else into your large suitcase to unload at your final destination!

    Tip #3: Know your route. Many of our Orlando Toyota cars have navigation in them to get you to your destination efficiently, but you should know where you’re going and an additional alternate route just in case there’s traffic or bad weather. Also, plan where you’re going to stop for the night and book your hotel ahead of time to keep things simple and easy. Finally, leave time for bathroom breaks on your road trip!

    Our Orlando Toyota tips can save you time AND money (and sanity)

    Tip #4: Prepare yourself for the long distance stretches. Being stuck in the car can get pretty boring, we won’t lie. Our Orlando Toyota dealership recommends stocking up on snacks and drinks so everyone stays hydrated and full, and also making playlists, buying some books on tape, and investing in car-friendly games (i.e. no little pieces) to keep everyone entertained. If you have a new Toyota with a Blu-Ray or DVD entertainment system in the back, stock up on movies!

    Tip #5: Brush up on your defensive driving. Traffic can be bad in the summer – it’s the busiest season for road trips – especially around holidays like July 4th. You should pay close attention to what’s going on around you, keep both hands on the wheel, and avoid distractions. This can help you avoid accidents altogether instead of just reacting to them as they happen!

    Want more tips or need to schedule Orlando car care? Call us today at (407) 298-4500 or swing by and see us in person at 3575 Vineland Road! 

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