• Carpool safely and successfully with safe driving tips


    The beginning of the school year is the start of a lot of new things – including the carpool! A carpool is a great way to help save you money on fuel costs and even help the environment. Carpooling also helps makes your mornings and afternoons less stressful. However, not everyone has had great experiences with previous carpools. Toyota of Orlando wants to help make your next carpool a success!

    Carpool safety tips

    When organizing a carpool, ensure that the people you’re choosing to participate will be responsible enough for the whole group. It’s important that those driving and riding along will keep safety in mind. Safe driving for carpools includes:

    • Using defensive driving techniques. Leave following distance between your carpool car and other cars in front of you. Abide by road rules and road signs. Be alert and completely aware of your surroundings.
    • Minimize distractions. As a driver, keep your phone out of reach and out of sight. If you need to make a call or send a text, ask a passenger to do it for you. As a passenger, do not be too loud or distracting for the driver.
    • Driving a safe vehicle. If your vehicle isn’t up for a group commute, make sure you upgrade to a car that can handle. Our new Toyota dealership in Orlando has a handful of carpool-capable cars including the Toyota Sienna and Toyota Highlander.

    Tips from Toyota of Orlando

    Keeping your carpool safe is important, but you also want to keep your passengers happy! Toyota of Orlando is sharing tips on how to have a successful carpool with kids and coworkers:


    • Install the proper child car seat for each kid that will need one. Ensure that you have a car seat for every child that needs one and that it’s installed in time for them to get in to your Orlando Toyota.
    • Pack toys and snacks in your Orlando Toyota. Keep everyone smiling on the way to school and on the way home with their favorite games and toys and snacks to fill their bellies.
    • Gather important information like allergies, medications, and medical conditions for each child. Also have contact information for parents and guardians of each child.


    • Determine a schedule of who is driving and when. Plan ahead so you’re not scrambling to find someone to drive the morning of.
    • Establish how expenses will be paid for. Figure out expenses like parking, gas, and tolls; determine who will pay for what.
    • Don’t be late! Whether you’re driving or getting picked up, make sure you’re on time. Running late can cause the whole group to be late.
    • Use your manners. Don’t spend too much time speaking on the phone, ask before you eat or bring drinks into the car, and don’t play music too loud.

    Carpooling can be extremely beneficial to all those who participate, and it can be enjoyable if executed well! For more tips on how to have a safe and successful carpool, visit Toyota of Orlando at 3575 Vineland Road. We’re located near the Millenia Mall, off of I-4!

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