• Make 2018 green with a new Toyota hybrid


    *This is a sponsored article by Toyota of Orlando*

    Why not make this year your greenest yet? We know, we know – most people assume that making their life greener requires a lot of changes and a lot of effort. So what if we told you that you could do your part for the planet simply by getting behind the wheel of your car? Introducing our lineup of 2018 hybrid cars – these green vehicles are so eco-friendly that even just driving to work and back can make a different. Let’s discuss!

    Why should you consider a green car for 2018

    Our Orlando Toyota hybrids are exceptionally eco-friendly. Here are the two main ways they make life greener:

    1) They don’t put out as many emissions. Hybrid cars actually have two power sources; the traditional gasoline AND an electric motor. They switch back and forth between the two, using the electric motor whenever possible. This means they put out fewer smog-forming emissions than a traditional vehicle, keeping the air cleaner.

    2) They use fewer natural resources. Since these cars have the option to run on the electric motor whenever possible, they use less gasoline. Not only does this do your budget a big favor (you’ll save tons of money on fuel), you’ll also find that you’re using fewer natural resources because you’re using less gas.

    But those aren’t the only perks that come alongside driving a green car. Our Orlando Toyota hybrid cars also offer benefits like:

    • Top technology, and not just under the hood
    • Sleek and sporty style
    • Top-notch reliability
    • Unbeatably efficient performance

    Toyota of Orlando has a huge selection of eco-friendly and efficient cars

    So, which one will you take home? Check out the selection of green cars for sale at Toyota of Orlando right now:

    • Toyota Camry Hybrid
    • Toyota Prius
    • Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    • Toyota Prius c
    • Toyota Highlander Hybrid
    • Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
    • Toyota Prius v

    And don’t forget, the Toyota Mirai will be making its way to the east coast any day, and Toyota has also promised to produce a slew of new hybrid options over the next decade. It’s never been easier to go green!

    How do you know if a hybrid car is right for you? Here are some indicators that you might NOT want to get behind the wheel :

    • You need to take things off the pavement – these cars aren’t exactly renowned for their off-road abilities (yet)
    • You don’t want to spend more on a vehicle than you have to – while pricier up front, these cars typically even out when it comes to costs because you aren’t using as much fuel
    • You have to tow or haul – they’re super-efficient but don’t have much to offer in the way of horsepower or torque due to their hybrid technology

    Want to take a test drive and see for yourself? Come on down to Toyota of Orlando. We’re just off I-4 near the MIllenia Mall at 3575 Vineland Road and we’re open seven days a week. You can also call us at (407) 298-4500 to learn more about our green car deals and schedule your test drive ahead of time. 

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