• Maintain your car this summer with these five tips


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    It may have momentarily cooled off here in Central Florida, but rising temperatures are in our forecast and summer is on its way! Maintaining your car in the heat is an important part of ownership in Florida, as extreme temperatures can take a real toll on performance, appearance, and subsequently, resale value. That’s why we’re sharing five Orlando Toyota service tips to ensure your ride stays cool when things heat up this summer!

    Use these Orlando Toyota tips to protect your car from the heat

    Tip #1: Be picky about your parking. You should try to park in the shade as often as you can; a garage is best, but a carport or even a clump of trees can prevent your ride from harsh UV rays that can damage the paint and fade your interior. Our Orlando Toyota service techs also recommend cracking your windows on especially hot days (just check the forecast for rain) when you park to let some of the hot air out!

    Tip #2: Keep your ride clean. It’s important to wash and wax your car regularly over the summer to keep the paint in good condition and protected from the elements. Wash it every two weeks (and rinse every week if you live by the coast to ward off salt damage), and wax it 3-4 times a year. Harsh summer rays can do a number on your paint job, so invest in a good wax. Our Orlando Toyota parts store can help you choose the right one.

    Tip #3: Invest in protection. Besides wax, you should also consider tinting your windows! Not only will it guard your upholstery and dash from fading, it’ll also keep your car cooler inside. If you don’t want to spend the money to tint, then consider investing in seat covers, a steering wheel cover, and a sunshade. They’ll help protect the interior of your Orlando Toyota from the damaging rays of the sun on hot days.

    Don’t let UV rays damage your ride

    Tip #4: Maintain your tires. Your tires take a beating in the summer; the pavement is hot and they have to work hard, so they’re under a lot of stress. Be sure to keep them properly inflated at the right PSI (The Toyota of Orlando service center can help you find out what that number is), and be sure to check them weekly for bulges, blisters, sidewall separation, and any other damage. Also, stay current with your tire rotations and alignments!

    Tip #5: Don’t forget about under the hood! When the weather is hot, your car has to work even harder to stay cool. That’s why we recommend regularly checking your oil, coolant, and all other fluids under the hood to ensure your car has the tools it needs to regulate temperature and avoid damaging itself.

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