• Toyota of Orlando shares Thanksgiving road trip tips


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    Are you packing up and hitting the road this weekend? Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel weekends of the entire year, and traveling can be stressful. Toyota of Orlando is here to help! We have road trip tips to make your Thanksgiving getaway safe, efficient, and stress-free. Let’s get started!

    Use our road trip tips to have the best Thanksgiving yet

    Tip #1: Make sure your car has gotten the appropriate Orlando auto service – we’re talking oil changes, tire checks, brake service, and battery inspection. Also make sure it’s ready for different types of weather. Rain is in the forecast for the holiday and if you’re heading out of town, then you may encounter winter weather like ice, sleet or even snow. Our techs can get you road trip ready in no time.

    Tip #2: Expect traffic. It’s going to be happen and there’s really no getting around it, so prepare for it. Check traffic before you leave the house and while you’re out on the road; many of our Orlando Toyota cars have real-time traffic updates via HD technology. You should also leave early and give yourself plenty of time to get to your final destination (so you’re not speeding or driving irresponsibly to make up time) and come up with an alternate route should you need to take it.

    Tip #3: Use your best defensive driving skills. This means following the speed limit, avoiding distractions, using your turn signals and headlights, leaving space in between you and other cars, and paying close attention to what’s going on around you. This will help you to act instead of react, and hopefully avoid a collision altogether.

    Tip #4: Pack accordingly. Keep food, medicine, drinks, and anything else you may need out on the road in an accessible bag. Remember to put heavy items on the bottom and in the middle of the car to better distribute weight and always make sure you can see out of your rearview mirror. Additionally, if you’re using roof racks be sure you know how to safely pack them so your car doesn’t overturn. Finally, if you’re going to be towing on your road trip, get your car prepped with service and be sure to only tow the weight your ride can handle.

    Get your car prepped and ready for the highway at Toyota of Orlando

    Tip #5: Don’t engage in distracted driving. This includes turning to talk to passengers, using your phone, putting on makeup, eating, and anything else that takes your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. Pay full attention to the task at hand and you’ll drastically lessen the chances of getting into an accident.

    Ready to hit the road? Get road trip ready at Toyota of Orlando today – our auto service techs are here seven days a week to help. Call (407) 298-4501 or swing by and see us at 3575 Vineland Road!

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