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    Do you feel a little bit of trepidation every time you take your car in for auto service? It’s normal – most people don’t know much about how their vehicle actually works, so they worry about being taken advantage of or overcharged when they schedule car maintenance. Toyota of Orlando is here to help! The best way to get rid of this feeling altogether is to educate yourself, and we have knowledgeable service techs to help you do it. Today we’re talking engine air filters.

    Why is the engine air filter so important?

    Has your auto service tech ever recommended that you change your engine air filter? It’s a solid suggestion – after all, this car part plays an important role in your vehicle’s performance. It filters the air that your car pulls into the engine, keeping the engine free of dirt and debris. Thus, you can imagine what happens when it gets too dirty to do its job – the engine and your car’s performance both suffer. That’s why it’s essential to replace the engine air filter when it becomes dirty or clogged.

    Here are some signs that our Orlando auto service techs came up with – educate yourself and know how to tell if you need a new engine air filter!

    How do you know if you need auto service for this car part?

    Your fuel efficiency suffers. Do you find yourself driving a car that has sinking fuel efficiency? This can be a sign of a dirty engine air filter – it can’t pull as much air as it needs through, which causes fuel efficiency to drop. Schedule Orlando Toyota service without delay.

    Your filter looks dirty to the naked eye. Your filter starts out white, so if it’s dark grey, black, or dark brown, it’s probably on its last leg and will soon negatively affect performance. Change it out!

    Your car won’t start, or takes longer to get going. Having to turn the key a few times to get things rolling? Feel like your car isn’t starting as smoothly as it used to? You need a new filter – it’s probably so dirty that your car’s having trouble pulling air in to get things moving.

    A good practice to put into play is to just assume that every 15,000 miles, you should replace your engine air filter. This is about how long it takes for it to become dirty enough to impede performance, so add it to your routine car maintenance schedule (or let our Orlando auto service techs send you a reminder when you’re due for any and all routine car care).

    Ready to get this routine auto service on your calendar? Call Toyota of Orlando today! We’re open seven days a week with the longest service hours in Central Florida at (407) 298-4501. You can also swing by and chat with our Toyota service techs at 3575 Vineland Road. See you soon! 

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