• Get tips from Toyota of Orlando for driving on the beach this spring!


    Beach season will be here before you know it, and at Toyota of Orlando we have plenty of drivers who like to take their cars out onto the beaches in Central Florida. While the firm-packed sand of Daytona Beach doesn’t present TOO much of a problem, other beaches that have looser sand can get you stuck before you even realize it’s happening! Don’t spend your beach day stuck in a rut – learn how to maneuver your new Toyota in Orlando through sand! 

    Drive your new Toyota with care on the sand!

    Even though the sand on Daytona Beach is firm, you can still get stuck if you’re not careful. Be sure you don’t slam on the gas or brakes in your Orlando Toyota; this can cause you to spin out or lose traction (and in turn, spend your morning digging yourself out instead of in the water). Make sure your driving is as smooth and fluid as possible! 

    If you do hit a beach that’s got softer sand, you’ll need to ensure you’re especially careful when driving your new Toyota. As noted above, don’t hit the gas or brakes too hard; you’ll also want to avoid making too-sharp turns, as this makes it harder for your vehicle to retain traction. 

    Also, it’s best to avoid these beaches if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle – this is asking for trouble. One particular new Toyota that’s great for driving in sand is the 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser in Orlando! It’s available in 4x4 with options like Active Traction Control, CRAWL Control, and Rear-wheel drive with Automated Slip Differential. 


    Ask our Orlando Toyota Service Center for tips!

    Let’s say the worst case happens and you get your Orlando Toyota stuck. Whatever you do, don’t slam on the gas! This will dig you into a trench and get you absolutely nowhere but frustrated. Make sure your new Toyota’s wheels are straightened out – don’t try to pull or back into a turn – and gently try to reverse out of the spot you’re stuck in so you’re backing over an already compressed surface. If your new Toyota is REALLY stuck, you might need something to help provide some traction, like your floor mats – stick them under the rear tires to give your vehicle some grip! 

    One incredibly important thing to remember when you’re hitting the sand is to lower your Toyota’s tire pressure! You want as much surface area as possible to be touching the ground, so deflate your tires – but be sure to figure out the appropriate PSI, as it differs for each vehicle. Ask our Orlando Toyota Service Center for tips! And don’t forget – reinflate your tires before you hit the road again! You could damage your rims driving on underinflated tires. 

    Have questions? Come down to Toyota of Orlando and sit down with one of our trained Toyota technicians. They can help you to better understand your new Toyota’s performance capabilities and give you additional tips. We’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall, and you can always give us a ring at (888) 725-3520. Come find the perfect new Toyota to make the best of your beach season today!