• Toyota of Orlando's pedestrian safety tips for back to school


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    Does your daily commute take you through a school zone? Whether you're heading to work and just passing through or actually stopping to drop off and pick up, school zones require an alteration of your daily driving habits. Toyota of Orlando is here to share pedestrian safety tips for these areas of the road – whether you're on foot or behind the wheel, they can keep you safe. Let's get started!

    Pedestrian safety tips for walkers

    Walking through a school zone as a student, parent, or employee? Here are some Toyota of Orlando pedestrian safety tips to keep in mind before you get back to school:

    • Don't engage in distracted walking – especially using your cell phone. This takes your attention off of your surroundings and slows your reaction time.
    • If you wear headphones, keep the volume low so you can still register what's going on around you.
    • Don't get in and out of the car in the street – you should only load and unload in the designated zones to ensure you and other passengers are safe.
    • Use the crosswalks – don't jaywalk. It hugely increases your chances of being in an accident, so don't step off the sidewalk unless it's at the designated place and teach your kids to do the same.
    • Make sure the crosswalk is clear by looking both ways before crossing and watch out for drivers making a right turn at a red light. If there's a car blocking the crosswalk, make sure it's gone before you attempt to cross.

    Pedestrian safety tips for drivers

    Here are some Orlando Toyota pedestrian safety tips for when you're behind the wheel in a school zone:

    • Use defensive driving skills. Traffic is usually heavy and also stop-and-go in these zones, and there are a lot of pedestrians around. You need to be able to react quickly.
    • Stop engaging in distracted driving and put your phone away – keep your attention on the road and on what's going on around you.
    • Go the speed limit. Speed limits are typically slower in school zones so be aware and make sure you abide by the rules. If not, you can end up with a hefty ticket!
    • Come to complete stops at stop signs and crosswalks. You should also check the crosswalk before driving over it to ensure there aren't any pedestrians running through at the last second of the light.
    • Pay attention to crossing guards and listen to them – they're directing foot traffic and your cooperation ensures everyone's safety.
    • Also pay attention to school buses! There will be a lot more of them in school zones and if you see the lights flashing, you need to bring your vehicle to a stop to let the kids safely disembark.

    Want more tips from Toyota of Orlando? Call us today – we can help you get back to school safely, and we've also got a great selection of new Toyota and used cars for sale for your back to school commute! 

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