• Catch up on Toyota Service before a road trip


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    The time for road trips is now! The holiday season is upon us and it’s about time to get out on the road to see Grandma and other relatives for holiday festivities. If you’re going out of state, or even to the town next door, it’s important that you make sure your car is ready for the ride. Road trips can be strenuous for your vehicle, so it’s crucial that it’s up for the task. Make sure your car is road trip ready with a visit to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando!

    Toyota Service for Road Trips

    Your family is excited to see you and the kids for the holidays, so the last thing you want to do is disappoint them because you can’t make it. Avoid car problems and breakdowns by bringing your Orlando used car to our auto service center. Just catching up on routine car maintenance can help prevent car troubles!

    • Oil change – if it’s been three to six months since your last oil change, it’s time for fresh motor oil! Regular oil changes keep the engine of your car lubricated, ensuring that those moving parts keep moving!
    • Battery test – don’t get stuck because of a dead car battery. Instead, have it tested to determine how much life is left in it. Keep in mind that car batteries were only built to last three to five year, so you could be in need of a replacement.
    • Brake service – do you hear a screeching or feel a vibration when you step on the brake pedal? Have your brake pads and brake rotors inspected and replaced at our Orlando Toyota Service Center.
    • Tire service – save some money and extend the life of your car tires with regular maintenance, like tire pressure checks, tire rotations, and wheel alignments.

    If you’re already having problems with your car, you should bring it to our Orlando Toyota Service Center ASAP! It’s crucial that you don’t take your car on a road trip until you’ve had any and all auto repairs that your vehicle needs. Driving long distances with already known issues, can cause extensive damage and could require even more expensive auto repairs.

    Orlando auto service reminders

    While you’re on the road, your car should remain visible and you should be able to see at all times – even at night. Maximum visibility is accomplished with auto parts like headlights, high beams, and windshield wipers. Headlight restoration and wiper blade replacements can help ensure that you will be able to see and other cars will be able to see you while driving!

    Have all the fluids in your vehicle inspected and topped off if necessary. A number of fluids in your car are required for a smooth ride, including coolant, transmission fluid, and powering steering fluid. Our Toyota service technicians will inspect the quality of these fluids currently, and perform a change if needed.

    Do you need to get auto service scheduled before your trip? Call our Orlando Toyota Service Center TODAY at (866) 945-0493!

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