• Have your windshield wipers replaced before the summer rain!


    While living in Florida, you’re bound to face a summer rain storm on the road. Florida rains can range from light showers to downpours in a matter of minutes. Maintaining visibility is essential out on the roads during hazardous weather conditions, so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. Having working and quality windshield wipers is step one to proper precipitation preparation. Keeping up with regular wiper blade maintenance and replacement is one of Toyota of Orlando’s most suggested summer auto maintenance tips!

    Auto parts last longer with Orlando auto service tips

    It’s easy to tell when your wipers need maintenance! If your wipers bounce, skip or squeal across the glass you could be out of wiper fluid or have dirty wiper blades!

    • Wipers are helpful for cleaning dirt, dust and debris off of a windshield! Most vehicles have a lever attached to the steering wheel that controls the wipers and releases wiper fluid. If nothing is coming out to help clean your windshield, you are most likely in need of more fluid! You can purchase affordable wiper fluid from our Orlando Toyota Parts Department!
    • If you have plenty of wiper fluid, but your wipers seem to leave streaks on the glass - they’re probably just dirty and need to be cleaned! Make them like new again with just a clean cloth and an ounce or two of rubbing alcohol! Apply it to the rubber of the wiper blades and watch them work better than ever!
    • There can also be issues with the mechanics of your windshield wipers! If you notice a squeaking noise, it’s possible that there is not enough (or too much) tension between the blade and the glass. This scenario means you will get less than satisfactory results from your wipers! To have this fixed, just bring your car in to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando to have our expert technicians take a look and fix your problem!

    Do you need windshield wiper replacement in Orlando?

    The Florida sun can be intense on cars, including innocent windshield wiper blades! Sun damage can cause the rubber to dry up or crack, leaving the blades utterly useless! There are other signs you need windshield wiper replacement in Orlando, too!

    • Water is smeared around rather than cleared off!
    • Wipers leave trails on the glass while they’re in motion
    • You hear a squeaking or grinding noise while they are on
    • Visible rust or bent metal of the wipers

    If you notice any of these symptoms happening when you use your wipers, it may be time to buy new wiper blades from our Toyota Parts Department! You can install them yourself, or save time and have our efficient technicians can do it for you!

    If you need windshield wiper replacement, head on over to our Orlando auto service center for quick and affordable service! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Rd., just off of I-4 near the Millenia Mall! To schedule an appointment at our friendly Toyota Service Center, call (866) 945-0493!

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