• Disney World: Best, worst times to go

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    Because Disney World is such a popular vacation destination, the theme park is usually bustling with crowds. If you are planning a visit to the Magic Kingdom and other attractions, you'll want to know about Disney World's crowded days and the best times to go.

    Take a look at this guide to learn about peak crowd times and quieter periods to determine when your family should visit Disney World. 

    >>Disney: Best time to visit theme park

    Best times to go

    While it may seem like the world-famous attraction is always crowded, the truth is that there are some prime times throughout the year for people seeking a more quiet pace.

    Start your year off with the magical world of Disney in lower-key times like January 8-12 and 17-25, as well as January 29-February 15 and February 26-March 1. But consider yourself warned: These slow times at the beginning of the year are often prime time for ride refurbishment, so all rides may not be open.

    As the year progresses, the slower days increase. TripSavvy offers a handy guide that breaks down the best times to visit Disney World based on affordability, crowd size and average temperature.

    The second half of August, along with most days in September, are great times with smaller crowds. Most weekdays in the last quarter of the yearOctober through Decemberare also slow, with the exception of the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve. November 18 is also a special day at Disney World, as it's Mickey Mouse's birthday, so expect a bump in crowd size.

    Worst times to go

    Disney World crowded days, along with the best and worst times to go, naturally coincide with typical vacation times for school-aged children.

    From January 1-7 and 12-15, as well as February 16-26, expect to see large numbers of crowds in the parks.

    The spring break season - March 12 through April 15 - is also a crowded time, as are weekends in May as the drumbeat toward summer grows louder. From June through August 12, expect to see the maximum number of crowds.

    As the year closes out, the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's keep Disney World at its fullest. But outside of the holiday weeks, the winter months are considered some of the best times to visit the park, according to the DisneyTouristBlog.

    Peak holiday times

    If you've got it in your mind to spend a holiday at Disney World, take heed: You won't be alone.

    The busiest holidays at the parks are New Year's Day, Easter, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

    If you're still interested in capitalizing on some holiday free time, but you still want to avoid the crowds, choose Labor Day, Columbus Day or Veterans Day.

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