What kind of sharks are at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium?

Grey reef sharks are one of the many varieties of sharks that can be seen at the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium.

Along with marine creatures like clownfish and sea turtles, there are several types of sharks on display at Orlando's SEA LIFE aquarium. The aquarium holds more than 350,000 gallons of water, and part of it is home to a wide variety of sharks.

While there are more than 500 species of shark in the world's oceans, visitors will find the following at SEA LIFE.

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Sharks in the SEA LIFE Atlantic Ocean habitat:
• Sandbar sharks are easily recognized because they have very high first dorsal fins. This shark species is found in tropical to temperate waters around the world and is considered one of the safest sharks to swim with, according to National Geographic.
• Grey reef sharks are skilled predators. You can distinguish them from other species by looking for the dark trailing edge of their tail fins.
• Nurse sharks are carnivores that weigh 200 to 330 pounds and can be found on the bottom of the exhibit, where they tend to rest and pump water over their gills to breathe.

Sharks in the SEA LIFE Indian Ocean habitat:
• Blacktip reef sharks get their names from easily recognizable black-tipped fins (particularly on the dorsal and tail fins.)
• Zebra sharks are slow-swimming, non-aggressive bottom dwellers. They get their name from their coloration while they are juveniles, narrow bars that look like a zebra's stripes. When they grow to adults, the bars become dark spots. 

Sharks in the SEA LIFE Stingray Cove habitat:
• White spotted bamboo sharks are small and mostly nocturnal and are another shark species that is prone to swim at the bottom of the exhibit. They spend the majority of their waking hours looking for prey, according to National Geographic. Several of the white spotted bamboo sharks were born in captivity at the aquarium in 2016.

More must-know info about sharks at Orlando Aquarium:

  • Book tickets online for the best SEA LIFE prices, or consider a combo ticket that reduces the price of both SEA LIFE and other attractions that are part of ICON Orlando 360, like the observation wheel.
  • Talk and feed times are subject to change. To be sure you won't miss a thing, please inquire about your favorite animal feed on entry.
  • The SEA LIFE aquarium enterprise also includes the SEA LIFE Trust. A registered charity dedicated to the conservation of marine wildlife and the environment, it develops and supports projects that protect marine wildlife and habitats the globe over. Some of its key messages promote sustainable seafood, plastic pollution awareness and improved protection for sharks, seahorses, turtles and marine mammals.

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