• Cable truck stuck in hole after water main break causes ground to erode


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A driver of a Bright House cable truck accidentally drove into a massive hole Monday morning, leaving the truck partially submerged.

    While the truck still reads "Bright House," Charter Spectrum Communications bought the cable company.

    The hole was caused by a water main break at the corner of Annhurst Avenue and Percival Road in Orange County, officials said.

    Orange County Water Management District said a 10-inch PVC water main broke and caused the ground to erode under the asphalt.

    “Orange County Utilities (crews) are currently at the scene of a water main break at the intersection of Percival Road and Annhurst Avenue, which is located in the Lake Pickett area of East Orange County. Crews are actively working to repair the line. At this time, we anticipate that water to the area will be shut down for approximately five hours," said Carrie Proudfit of Orange County Public Safety and Health Services.

    Water was still gushing from the ground as crews worked to turn off the main and get the truck out of the hole. The truck has since been removed, but the break is causing problems for residents. 

    "Customers are being notified of the outage, which could impact as many as 150 homes. We will continue to provide updates as crews assess the damage. The cause of the break is currently under investigation,” Proudfit said.

    About 150 residents are without water, officials said. 

    “It is crazy. It looks like a bomb went off or something,” said Rosanna Ryan. “I was really surprised when I saw all of this water in the street when I came out to go for a run.”

    Officials said the priority is making sure residents have their water restored. 

    “Well, we don't really have that much water right now. It is just a little out of the facet and that's it. Honestly, I saw all the water and everything and I thought a pipe broke,” said resident Jake Perschbach.

    A boil water alert has not been issued.

    No injuries were reported.

    You can see photos of the scene below: 

    Photos: Sinkhole swallows Bright House cable truck

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