Some Central Florida toll booths not registering $1 coins

ORLANDO, Fla. — Eyewitness News has discovered that some toll booths aren't counting drivers’ coins correctly, and that could cost them extra later.

Dale Voorhees thought he was making things easier by using $1 coins instead of quarters.

“It didn't always register or it didn't always seem to register,” said Voorhees.

Voorhees said he started recording every time he paid with a $1 coin at the University Boulevard toll booth.

He said the payments didn’t register.

Voorhees said he didn't realize it until he checked his Sunpass statement and found out that officials had billed his tag.

But not every toll booth had that problem.

The Conway Road toll booth registered Channel 9’s $1 coin.

Central Florida Expressway Authority officials said they weren't aware of the problem until Channel 9 brought it to their attention.

Officials said they are working with the vendor to test the baskets to make sure coins, including $1 coins, are getting collected and recognized.

Voorhees said he’s not using the coins anymore.

“Yeah, I'll break down and buy another transponder,” Voorhees said.

The Expressway Authority said it plans to help Voorhees get his money back since his tolls were collected twice.