Some drivers ticketed for red light running might get money back

ORLANDO, Fla. — Drivers who have had to pay a red light camera ticket recently might get their money back, Channel 9 has learned.

However, the refund applies to one intersection in the city of Orlando.

The intersection is located at South Street and Rosalind Avenue.

The city turned the camera on in September, and since then, hundreds of drivers have received tickets.

The refunds do not apply to every ticket issued at the intersection, just to 238 drivers who were ticketed between September and October.

Channel 9 learned the city decided to toss the tickets out because the yellow light time was shorter than what the state allows.

“When we looked at that specific location, we found the signal timing for the yellow phase was based on 25 miles per hour, and it should have been based on 30 miles per hour,” said City of Orlando Transpiration Director Billy Hattaway.

Red light camera opponent David Shaw said the city could have avoided the situation.

“I think they could have left the yellow light time alone,” said Shaw. “This is the first time I've seen the city do refunds.”

In some cases, if drivers had that extra time, they would have made it through the light and not received a ticket.

A number on each ticket reads 3.4 seconds, which is how long the light stayed yellow. But it's supposed to be 3.7 seconds, according to the state.

"They should contact the red light camera program if they'd like, but we're already in the process of sending checks," said Hattaway.© 2017 Cox Media Group