BBB receives more than a dozen reports of 'Can you hear me?' scam in Central Florida

"Hi, this is Josh from the customer service department, can you hear me OK?"

If you are on the receiving end of this call, or one like it, the Better Business Bureau says you shouldn't say anything or press any buttons, just hang up.

The BBB in Central Florida has reported receiving more than a dozen complaints about the "Can you hear me?" scam over the past two days.

A person's affirmative response can be recorded and used to authorize unwanted charges on a telephone or utility bill or a stolen credit card, BBB experts said.

Resident Alexandra Ballinger hasn't been called, but could see how the scam could work.

"If they just asked me if I could hear them, I might say, 'Yes,' and, 'Why are you calling?'" she said. "So I could say yes accidentally and fall for it."

Reports of the scam have come in different variations, BBB of Central Florida spokeswoman Holly Salmons said.

"Some people report hearing from someone from a travel or a cruise line, some people report hearing from someone about Social Security or their security alarm," she said.

BBB officials said anyone receiving a suspicious phone call should hang up immediately if something seems untoward.

Anyone who may have accidentally answered "Yes" after receiving a suspect call should keep an eye on upcoming financial statements, the BBB said.