Letter from Jennifer Kesse's family regarding settlement with Orlando police

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                                         For Information leading to Jennifer Kesse’s Whereabouts
                        Kesse Family Tip Line
                                                                              MARCH 2019                                  
                                                   WE HAVE JUST TAKEN A HUGE STEP FORWARD
After 13 years since Jennifer was Abducted and over 2 years of pressing The Orlando Police Department and The City of Orlando to allow us, Jennifer Kesse’s family, FULL access to her case files, through legal channels, we have come to an agreement with the City and Department whereby we will Finally receive a copy of Jennifer’s full Police files UNREDACTED as we have been fighting for, for so long! It is an absolutely HUGE step forward in our fight to find Jennifer. One challenge has been in getting access to the files, the ultimate goal of finding Jennifer still remains and it will be a daunting task after 13 years GONE.
We want to thank everyone who has been on this journey with us for so long as well as those of you who may have just found out about Jennifer’s continued disappearance. It has been through your continued caring, actions and generosity that has kept Jennifer’s name, face and cause out there for well over a decade. It is you the general public that SOLVES cases like Jennifer’s. We have seen it time after time that everyday people going about their lives see something and say something that brings these heinous crimes to a close. Please never stop helping Jennifer, she is the only one that matters at this moment. We are humbled by your support every day in so many ways and we ask for that support to continue until Jennifer is found for the good or the bad, but Jennifer needs to come home.
Now more than ever we are desperately in need of your financial support. Through your generosity we have raised approximately $29,000 to date of which ALL has been utilized in our legal and investigative fight to find Jennifer. Although it is an incredible amount your generosity has afforded the fight, we are well over $75,000 in debt to our team of professionals just getting to this point and the true fight to find Jennifer has just begun with the files release costing $18,000 alone just to replicate them. One thing has hit this family hard. We never thought we would be down this road 13 years later finally winning access to Jennifer’s files and find that it has taken everything bit our life savings plus the generosity of so many from our Go Fund Me campaign. The pain that fact gives this family is unmeasurable and honestly hurts to our core. We have won a battle and now need help in winning the War. We ask you to imagine getting this far and having to stop efforts because over $500,000 has been utilized and exhausted to date. Our legal and investigative team will not stop their efforts that they have assured us of that. However no one works for free forever. It is in this desperate situation that we must continue to ask for your financial help as well as helping us pass this plea on to everyone you know in any and every way you know how. Please do this not for us, Jennifer’s family, but solely for Jennifer – she needs to be found and she needs to come home.
Please also visit Jennifer’s social media locations; FB Help find Jennifer Kesse community, @finjenniferkesse and Instagram
We thank you for your consideration of our need,
Drew, Joyce & Logan Kesse