Some big changes to I-4 could be finished this year

Drivers have been dealing with a number of changes to I-4.

ORLANDO, Fla. — You know that part of I-4 in downtown Orlando that feels like it’s constantly changing? There may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The elevated section of I-4 eastbound starting at Colonial Drive and heading out of downtown toward Winter Park and Fairbanks Avenue, won’t be elevated much longer as crews build the new I-4 over the old I-4.

Eventually, the new, higher roadway will be four lanes across. I-4 Ultimate officials say all four lanes should be built by fall 2019.

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Channel 9 Traffic Anchor Racquel Asa lifted off in Skywitness 9 to show you from the air what's changing:

On Monday, a new bridge supported by a cracked pier opened. Then on Wednesday, workers opened a new ramp at Ivanhoe Boulevard to handle all the extra traffic from the new bridge.

That new bridge opened Monday almost a year after it was scheduled to, after WFTV's news partners at News 96.5 WDBO reported there were cracks in a support pier. After extensive testing, crews deemed the bridge safe for drivers even with 17 cracks in the pier.

FDOT said the existing on-ramp at this intersection will remain in place, but will be for drivers accessing Princeton Street, Par Street and Fairbanks Avenue.

However, FDOT said the ramp that opened Wednesday isn’t expected to be open for long. The ramp could close as early as next week, once crews add a second lane to a temporary ramp north of Princeton Street to “provide an easier merge to eastbound I-4,” FDOT said.