'Have a plan,' Sen. Rick Scott says as hurricane season approaches

Sen. Rick Scott was in Orlando Wednesday to remind residents to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.
Scott encouraged people to take advantage of the hurricane sales tax holiday. The tax holiday starts May 31 and ends June 6.
During that time, shoppers will not have to pay a sales tax on hurricane preparedness items, such as batteries, flashlights and generators.

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Besides stocking up on supplies, there are other things residents can do to get ready.
“You got to get your documents ready, too. If you're going to need help afterwards, if you're going to the Small Business Association, if you're going to through your insurance company ahead of time, have a plan,” Scott said.
Hurricane season starts Saturday. 
Scientists said it will be a near-normal season, which means anywhere between four and eight hurricanes, and several other named storms.

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