Flood Warning

Last Updated: 09:19 AM. Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017 EDT

Until 09:13 AM. Saturday, Sep 16, 2017

FLC097-141313- /O.CON.KMLB.FL.W.0003.000000T0000Z-000000T0000Z/ /SHIF1.3.ER.170911T0110Z.170913T1800Z.000000T0000Z.NR/ 913 AM EDT Wed Sep 13 2017 The Flood Warning Continues For The Shingle Creek At Campbell. * Record Flooding is Occurring and Record Flooding is Forecast. *At 59.0 feet, Minor flooding occurs in the Campbell area including Good Samaritan Village and the Sherwood Forest area. *At 60.0 feet, Water further encroaches on areas near the Shingle Creek near Campbell. *At 61.0 feet, Water enters some low lying homes including in Good Samaritan Village. && Flood Observed Forecast 7am EST/8am EDT Location Stage Stage Day TIME Thu Fri Campbell 59.0 62.3 Wed 8 AM 62.4 62.2 $$

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